9/11 Remembrance and Thrifty Craft Finds

Let me start this post with this

We all know where we were thirteen years ago today. We remember those emotions and confusion vividly. We felt powerless, but intimately connected as a nation. It's a day none of us will forget. Let us not only remember the victims and heroes of that day, but also that connection. Remember, we are one nation, indivisible.

With that said (and it had to be said), I can move on to a more pleasant less emotional topic. I did a little thrifting this week.

Here's a little more detail.
A stack of vellum envelopes and a child's toothbrush (for cleaning small items)
Office supplies: including an almost complete stack of cardstock, a couple of thick paper notepads, and some post-it flags
Some lace (for use on my Gelli Plate)
A gold-tone brooch bezel (so many possibilities)
My favorite of the bunch: 5 rolls of washi tape and a roll of glitter tape!
My scores were nowhere as vintage awesome as the ones I discovered at the antique stores a few weeks ago because I just went to a couple of Goodwill locations. However, I'm happy with the crafty haul. I might even get out and hit a yard sale or two tomorrow, but we'll see. There's still a lot on my to do list that hasn't been checked off yet.

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Have you found anything super cool at the thrift store lately?


  1. Great idea to use a child's toothbrush for cleaning tight places!

    1. Oh yeah. Toothbrushes are a most valuable tool for cleaning or even painting. The one in my craft room disappeared so I knew I needed a new one. The super soft bristles on this kids one will keep from scratching delicate pieces as I clean them too! Thanks for popping in Kim! :)

  2. I'd love to find some washi tape while thrifting! I love that stuff!


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