Pinning with Purpose | Week 10

Another week has come and gone so it's time for

Each week, I pick out a few pins from my Pinterest boards and try to recreate them or use them for inspiration. And, I challenge you to do the same. Find a pin that gets your creative juices going; be it a craft tutorial, recipe, style inspiration, or organizational tip and run with it. I encourage you to share your results on your blog and then link it up here. I do ask that if you are going to link up here, that you mention it on your blog with a link back.  As well, if you want to pin anything seen here, please make sure you go to the original post to do it.

Let me start by featuring and thanking to two ladies who linked up last week.

Lorraine at Clamco Cottage showed off her beautiful Table Makeover

As for what I've accomplished. . .I still wasn't able to get to the French Quarter Cheese Ball so I'm going to postpone that one until I know I have an event/gathering that will be appropriate for it. However, I did take the time to print out these printables.
French postal graphics from Just Something I Made
Harry Potter Potions labels from Over the Big Moon
Vintage inspired dresses from Sweetly Scrapped 
See, here they are all printed out.
As for what I did/will do with them. I started by using one of the dresses in my art journal.
I'm tempted to use the Harry Potter labels for some Halloween crafts, but that's yet to be exactly determined. I know the French labels will also probably find their way into the journal too.

For next week, I'll focus on
I might have time to dip into some other pins, but I don't want to continue to push myself too hard. We'll see what becomes of the week. Now I want to see what you've done with yours.


  1. Probably best to create that cheese ball when there is a crowd, Hope... just sayin' (I know I would be tempted to eat it all myself LOL).

  2. You are a temptress with the cheese ball, I hope you make it soon! I love your art journal, it looks awesome! And those printables, I love the french postal and super cool idea to use the Harry Potters for Halloween~ the beer garden thing I linked was inspired by all the Octoberfest things I saw on Pinterest, but I didn't mention that in my post...that and the fact I had a bunch of Cracker Jack in my pantry that I wanted to get rid of! Have a great week and thanks for the party~

    1. Jenna, Yes. . .that cheese ball is killing me. I want to make it so much, but it seems silly when it's just the two of us here. I can't wait to hop over and see your links. You always share the best stuff! :) Thanks for playing along once again.


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