Link-a-palooza and other Randomness

Today I just want to share a bunch of randomness with you. S'alright? I apologize for the rambly-ness of  my recent posts.

First, if you're looking for my Bead Soup reveal, there's a link to it just up there /\ below my banner. . .see it on the left? Next to the Home button? There ya go! I thought that might be the easiest way to keep it available.

Fruit at the local Farmer's Market

I don't think I've outright mentioned that Pat and I are doing this whole healthy diet thing. He's the researcher for these things, I'm just the planner. I didn't post my menu for this week because it took me a little longer to get in the mindset and since we were preparing for Issac, I wasn't sure if we would actually get to eat the meals I planned. By Tuesday afternoon we weren't in the direct path of the storm and I had it worked out. Here are the basics of what we're doing (I think).
  • We're cutting back on our animal product intake. I cannot go full vegetarian or vegan. . .I like cheese, bacon, and butter a little too much. (Probably how we got in the shape we're in to start with.)
  • As well, he says we want to eat as much 'whole' foods as possible. Basically, we want as little processing to go into our foods. So, fresh over frozen or canned. No problem. . .I think fresh tastes better anyway. 
  • The processed bread/cracker/pasta items we DO eat need to say 'whole' in the first few ingredients. . .or something like that.
  • We've also continued to juice for at least one meal a day (breakfast or lunch work best for me). 
  • Oh. . .and there's something about cutting back our sugar intake. Whatever.
  • We had planned on trying to be more active, but have gotten cooped up inside because of the storm. Now that it's passed, we hope to work on that a little more.
So that's the general gist I have of it right now. I haven't completely figured out all the rules, but I'm trying. Pat bought  me a vegetarian cookbook (I like books) and I actually cooked Tofu earlier in the week. It was. . .okay. For now, I'm feeling kinda crummy, but I've been told that it's a fairly normal feeling when all those toxins start to leave your body. I'll ride the wave for now.

Since I'm going with randomness as today's theme, this seems a fitting time for a

Now let me share just a little shop news and I'll be out of your hair for at least the rest of today.
Some of my Shabby Beads were featured in this brightly hued treasury.
Hot Pink and Blue Treasury

On Sale
Unearthed Necklace
Heavenly Earrings

I just have to mention how excited I am that the College football season has started up. I'll  be rooting for the Alabama Crimson Tide tomorrow night and I cannot wait!! Roll Tide!

With the sun FINALLY out after the storm, I'm hoping to soak it up and get my creative juices flowing again. . .and get my butt OUT of this computer chair. What are you hoping to accomplish this weekend?


  1. Congrats to both of you. Sounds like such a great thing to do together. I can't wait to hear how it all goes!

  2. Hi Hope,
    Glad to hear that you and Pat are doing healthier diet. wish you both success in this endevor.
    Love the jewelry, but I guess you already knew I was going to say that. Rrrroooolllllll TIDE Roll!

  3. Good for you on the healthier diet -- and I'm with you on loving butter/bacon/cheese part...

    And ROLL TIDE!!! (Jumping around the house while we cheer for the game will be my exercise this weekend!)

  4. Yikes! I can't imagine going on that kind of a diet. I'm SURE we should, but I am just not organized enough to do anything that drastic. I'd like to be able to, though...

    Love that bright eclectic necklace, and thank you for sharing the links!

    I am letting you know that you won a set of my polymer butterflies! Please contact me with your email address- Mine is
    Thank you!

  5. Becca- It hasn't been too bad. . .though I have cheated a few times with a bit too much sugar. . .and some bacon I needed to cook. Thank you for the sweet words on the necklace and the encouragement. I'm so excited about the butterflies and have sent you a message. YAY! :)


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