Hurricane Party Anyone?

Here's my Bead Soup Blog Party Post if that's what you are looking for!

Tropical Storm/ Hurricane Issac
Many of you may know in what area I live, but if you don't. . . I'm in South Alabama. I've been watching the Weather Channel for DAYS now. The "cone of uncertainty"  has shifted slightly away from our area, but I am still under a Hurricane warning and just up the street (about a mile and a half) from where a mandatory evacuation has been ordered. It's a bit of organized chaos in my area right now. There is NO GAS in some of the gas stations and the bread shelves are empty. We're fairly prepared. I've got canned goods and water. Pat says we have flashlights and batteries. I'm considering taking some video of the house and gathering important papers. We might even get some of the items in the yard/porch up depending on which way Issac heads. Of course, right now he's still a tropical storm and that just means a little extra rainfall.

Normally I would post my menu for today, but since we don't know if we'll have electricity all week, I can't really plan our meals. As well, I don't want to buy a bunch of food that might just go bad. sigh. . .

So here I am waiting to see what happens. To keep busy, I'm working my way through the Bead Soup Blog Hop. There's not much else I can do but stay alert and pray that where-ever the storm hits, the damage is minimal and the residents are safe.

I spent the weekend occupied with some obligations and then with preparing for the storm so I'm sorry if I haven't made it to your Soup post yet. Keep your panties on, I promise I'm working on it! ;)

Here's what's going on in the shop today
Locked Necklace

Warm Comfort Earrings - relisted
Now back to the Weather Channel. Here's hoping your Monday is a bit more. . .predictable!


  1. Good luck with the storm! Hopefully, it will stay a tropical storm and/or miss you altogether!

  2. Oh dear, I hope it swings far away from you! It sounds like you have a good plan, but don't forget a manual can opener, proper shoes, cell phone, and a heavy blanket, at least that's what we do for a tornado.

    Stay safe! I'll be praying for 'ya!

  3. I wish you the best, Hope. I'm further to the east over in the panhandle so, I know the drill, too. No matter how prepared we try to be, it is still scary as heck each time we have to deal with a hurricane.

    Hang in there!

  4. I'll be thinking of you and my other Alabama buddies for the next few days. I remember the "stock up on bread and milk" routine...fingers crossed that you don't get anything more than a good rain!

  5. That is one party I hope you miss out on. Stay safe!

  6. Karen- HA! I know it still goes on but back when I was young and stupid in college, if there was a small hurricane coming, we'd hole up at one person's house and seriously have a party. I guess it was our way to take advantage of the days out of school. I'm not as amused these days, but we still use the term. It really shouldn't be too bad here. The storm's still a tropical storm actually and it's still projected to be west of us. More than anything, I just can't stand this anticipation and waiting for it even if it's just going to be a bunch of rain. Thank you so much for your concern though. I do appreciate it!

  7. Hi Hope, I really hope that it is not bad where you are. Are y'all sure you want to stay there? You have been on my mind all day. Just be prepare for the worst. Stay safe my friend I will be praying that you and the Alabama coast stays unharmed. I will be working tomorrow and will be on standby for my off days Wednesday and Thursday.

  8. Hang in there! It sounds like you are prepared, -Just do whatever it takes to stay safe.

  9. that graphic of Isaac the Bartender cracked me up! i hope you stay safe and all the prep is for nothing.

  10. I'm loving the buttons and the shells!!! Talking my language there. So pretty, great job. Thanks for swinging by! Riki


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