BTW: Discovered

Back in May I revealed my efforts in the Button Swap, but admitted that I hadn't made anything with the handmade ceramic button from my partner, Brenda Salzano.

This morning as I was doing some cleaning in the craft room, I re-discovered said button along with a whole set of corresponding beads. Since I had JUST cleaned off my bead table, it seemed like the perfect time for this button project to jump back on it.

Thinking back to when I worked on the button swap, I do remember deciding on using the butterfly wings and I kinda recall making the shabby beads and picking out other beads that would go with the fabulous button. But, I just couldn't commit to a design that would flow. Since I'm under no pressure of a reveal for this button I think I might actually be able to pull something together!!

There's more Bead Table Wednesday in the Flickr Group!
Bead Table Wednesday

I need to know do you ever forget about projects only to discover them later? Is it just me?


  1. Oh yeah, I'm right there in the boat with ya! I do love all the stuff you pulled together with it, I think it will be a beautiful piece!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you create with that really cool button!

    Yes, I also forget about projects and discover them later :)

  3. That's the sweetest button, and I love the beads and butterfly you've chosen to go with it. Yes I'm sure most of us have lots of forgotten projects hiding in our craft rooms, I know I often stumble upon them and then get distracted from whatever I was working on at the time. I think that's how they get forgotten!

  4. Hi Hope,
    That is a pretty button and I love the color pallet you have to use with the button. No it is not just you, I am always discovering forgotten projects.

  5. Looking forward to what you come up with using that beautiful button!! Email me your address,you won one of my little clay pendants.Have a lovely day sweet Hope.
    xo Cat


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