Bead Table Wednesday: Short and Sweet

I'm still working toward getting back into the swing of things since my trip. I think I'm just about there and might actually make it into the craft room to create!

Since it is Bead Table Wednesday, let me share what's waiting for me there.
Some beaded bangles I started on last week. You can see some other little bits of them in the background as well.
While I'm talking about items I started before my trip, let me go ahead and share the pieces I made FOR the trip.
I just needed a few little things for some of the outfits I wore, and these worked out perfectly!

There's more Bead Table Wednesday in the Flickr Group!
Bead Table Wednesday

As I'm trying to keep this short and sweet, here's the bracelet I listed today
Passion Bracelet
 And now I'm outta here!! :)


  1. Beautiful! I love the bright colored necklace and the beautiful Passion bracelet!

  2. Your passion bracelet is so pretty. And what you made for yourself for your trip -really nice!!

  3. Shel- Thanks so much! I've been meaning to add it into the shop for MONTHS but keep putting it aside for some reason or other. The other items have all been worn, I'm happy I finally got some basic items made for myself. Now to kick out some other pieces too. . .sigh. Thanks for stopping by!! :)

  4. I always love the goodies I see on BTW. I have always wanted to join in but I am anal about cleaning things up or I can't come up with anything.


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