Going Way Back to My Start in Jewelry Making

****I started this post yesterday (Thursday) but left for my brother's graduation. If we're friends of Facebook/Twitter, you probably saw that there were complications. I still wanted to get this post up, since it's just about finished. I may go into the other story at another time.***

I really knocked out some chores on Wednesday. . .and by that I mean that you can once again see the counter top to my bathroom vanity. It does exist!

While wading through piles of lotion samples, bits of clothing tags, and lots of dust I took the opportunity to weed out some of my personal jewelry stash. I found a bunch of jewelry that I made when I was first starting out some ten-odd years ago. I thought it might be nice to share some of these before I dismantle them. . .well, some of them anyway. I'm going to show you what's going away and what's staying in the stash. First, the ones leaving. Let's have a moment of silence for the following:
This HAD to be one of my very first pieces. It's just some seed beads, cat's eye beads ( I had a thing for those), and some larger clear beads on beading wire.
Ooooh, THREE strands of seed beads on beading wire!
A neat little double strand bracelet (those beads are more cobalt than purple) with tons of tarnished silver beads.
I went through a massive phase with this simple bead weaving necklace design. It was tutorial in an issue of Bead and Button Magazine. I made them in ALL SHADES. I think I'm actually keeping one necklace in this design, just not this one.

Now, for those getting to stay with me (I believe they are chronological)
Another simple seed-bead-with-a-few-larger-beads necklace, but this one has actually been worn a few times, even recently.
Apparently, I was a one trick pony when I first started playing with beads. I sill really like this long-er, simple necklace with it's interesting cubed turquoise beads.
I remember being inspired by a photo in Vogue Magazine to make these two necklaces. The clasps are actually connected to each other as I only ever wear this combination together. There was another necklace that went with them for a pretty layered effect, but I'm not sure where it's disappeared to after all these years.
This was another magazine tutorial that I went crazy with. It's possible it was also in Bead and Button because back then there weren't too many other bead magazine choices (in my area at least). I've got several friends who also own similar necklaces as I was making jewelry for myself or for gift-giving back then. I handed out a few in this design. This was one of my first attempts at using wire. You can even see the first hook clasp I ever made back there. Hey, it still works!
I know this one's hard to see for some reason, but it's just freshwater pearls and crystals. This is my wedding necklace. There's no way I'd part with this one.
This is simply a shell bead and yarn necklace made with a crocheted chain stitch. It's SUPER long and can be doubled and maybe even tripled. 

So how bad are they? Remember, it was the late 90's early 2000's when I started this journey. What did your first attempts look like?

I think I've gotten a bit better since then!
Anyway, here's some shop news.
Red Balance Bracelet - NEW
Major Drama Necklace - ON SALE

My to do list today is nothing like I expected it to be, so it's best I get started on it soon! Have a fabulous weekend y'all!


  1. I think they are very sweet, I was looking back at my first pieces the other day, I can't believe how far I've come in only 2 and a bit years

  2. How fun to see where you started--and how far you've come! I've got a few of my first pieces which my mom purchased (she was my best customer). After she passed away last summer these pieces came back to me. I'm in the process of taking some of them apart for a re-do

  3. how fun! you inspired me to see if I could find any of my older stuff. My more recent (in the last 3-4 years) I have already ripped apart to recycle the beads. But I did find one from when I was in grade school .. perhaps I'll post that!

  4. Antiquity- I'm so glad I inspired you. I was surprised to find as many older pieces as I did. I even found some more yesterday as I was putting my jewelry back up. Wow, grade school. . .that goes way back! I totally didn't start that early. I can't wait to see if you post yours too! Thanks for stopping in! :)


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