A Good Start and a Meal Plan

The first day of 2012 passed successfully with cleaning, organizing, exercising, and creating.
I actually completed this necklace as well as a few other do-dads.
Sorry for the quality (it's a phone photo!)

I feel a sense of accomplishment, but I hope I haven't been too ambitious with the goals. It was one busy day!!

In preparation for the week ahead, I did get our menu made for Menu Plan Monday.

Breakfasts: Waffles, bagels, cereal, cinnamon sugar croissants, eggs w/bacon & toast, muffins

Lunches: Chicken salad sandwiches, ham quesidillas, tuna noodles, bagel pizzas, chicken fingers w/tator tots, PB&J, leftovers

Dinners: Taco soup (from freezer), mushroom pasta w/spinach salad, spicy orange garlic shrimp w/brown rice and sugar snap peas, sour cream noodle bake w/green beans, honey garlic slow cooker chicken w/rice and corn

I'm hoping to find a few healthier recipes this week from the many other fabulous Menu Plan Monday lists over at I'm an Organizing Junkie.

Now I have a question; what exactly do you consider appropriate running clothes for an area heavily populated with kids and the elderly? Would shorts that are so short that your finely toned butt hangs out like you are wearing too-tight panties be considered inappropriate? I would have snapped a picture for you had I not frozen in complete shock and awe at the whole scene. Anyway. I'm not a jogger and am unfamiliar with appropriate running clothes. I wasn't sure if this was a style or some specialized gear.Just wondering what y'all think.


  1. That chicken crock pot recipe sounds delicious. I need to get back in the habit of planning meals on Saturday so we aren't wondering what's for supper at 6 PM on the week nights. Like you, I'm hoping to find some healthier recipies that are also tasty.

    As for the jogging shorts, I grew up with modest values. No matter whether you are jogging or swimming or anything else where there are children, showing your butt is inappropriate in my opinion. What does this say about the wearer, and what does it teach our children? I feel the same way about thong swim suits, and showing lots of cleavage, but again, I grew up in a very modest home and I know I go against the norm here.

  2. Stopping by from Menu Plan Monday...

    I am pinning this! These are some great menu ideas!

    I love that necklace you made. And as for the running shorts, I find that runners tend to dress like that.. with those really tight spandex bottoms that are shaped like bathing suit bottoms. IDK. Can't be comfortable. But what do I know? My thighs would rub together.

  3. Gaby- I'm so very glad you stopped by, like my menu, and even like my necklace!! Hmmm, it sounds like you've seen other runners with similar attire. I don't know why this bothers me so much. I do appreciate your input and am glad to know that what I witnessed wasn't just one crazy lady!

  4. the necklace is fantastic! your menu plan makes me drool with a tad bit of envy. i am not a good cook and get stuck in ruts. plus i am not a planner, so then i really get stuck at meal time! i could learn from you, Hope!
    as for the jogger...if it makes you uncomfortable, then it is inappropriate! i take hot yoga classes and people wear next to nothing there. but it is an adult class and you know about the lack of clothing in advance. jogging through a public area, it is the responsibility of each of us to behave and dress appropriately. it is public for goodness sake! i am not a public display of affection person and dressing like your jogger seems very Self-PDA to me.

  5. Hi Hope,
    Love the necklace it is very trendy.
    The menu sounds delish, here is a site that usally has some very good healty dishes and other good information.


    As far as the runner goes the little outfit she had on is mostly worn when in a track compitition, to cut down on wind retention, and not when running in a neighborhood with childern and elderly people. She is either trying to attract attention from men or she is totally clueless!

  6. What a gorgeous necklace, Hope! I love it!

    I am a jogger myself, and I wear long pants to jog. I agree with Therese, the only time I've seen women wear jogging attire like that is either for competing? Or.. when I was at the University of Oregon a lot of girls would do that to attract male attention.


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