New Goal: Be Thankful

I didn't include it in my list of goals, but one of the things I want to make more time in my life for this year is to be grateful. I want to look at each day with new eyes and remember what I do have in my life.
Top two bracelets made by oldest niece, bottom one by me (sorry for the poor picture!)

Sometimes it's so very hard to watch as others' families grow, their skills excel, their wealth builds, their inner circle enlarge, their homes sparkle. However, I also know that pondering on what lacks in my own life will never help me be thankful for and enjoy what I DO have.

While I may never have kids, or a large circle of friends, or a big house full of nice furniture I'm thankful that I have a wonderful family and an amazing husband I couldn't love any more than I do. I have a small circle of close friends who always make me feel special. I have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in at night. I'm good. Expecting more just seems unfair to all those out there who are struggling but making it with so much less.
Hula girl cookie made by youngest niece (we think it's awesome)

I won't say that I'll never dream of having more, but I want to try to remember to take some time to appreciate my own life. It may be a long road for me to get there, but I'll be working on it.


  1. love the bracelets and the colours...and the cookie is too the gel icing she used for it....

  2. I am working on being more grateful too. I've been doing a Thankful Thursday post for several months now, where I post what I'm thankful for. I will have Mr. Linky up this Thursday if you would like to join in!

  3. Hi Hope, It's funny I was thinking on this very same subject on my drive into work this morning. I was thinking how I was always looking out over the fence at the greener grass, but all along the best grass was right there on my side of the fence.
    Oh and you have some very talented nieces they both did a great job on their little projects.


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