Where I Have Been

How much time online a day do you have to log before you get diagnosed with an addiction/obsession?

Since I haven't been very productive in the craft room lately, I figure I should expose where I HAVE been spending my time and some of the many places you can find me. 
Physically, I've been in my chair in the living room trying to keep the room from tilting.
In cyberspace. . .I've been all over the internet.

Like many others, I've become addicted to Pintrest
If you haven't heard of it, you really should go check it out! Basically, all users have "boards" onto which they "pin" the interesting tidbits they find while surfing the internet waves. The pins are basically pictures. The boards vary by topic and I've yet to figure out it there's a limit on the number of boards you can have. Boards' topics can be anything: a particular color, food stuffs, a type of craft, inspiration, pretty much ANYTHING. Then, you follow people with interesting boards. . .they follow you. . .you share the cool bits and images all in one place. 
If you haven't joined up yet and are interested, let me know and I can send you an invitation!
If you are already on Pintrest; please follow me and let me know so I can follow you back!

In addition, I do spend quite a bit of time on Tumblr also. 
Tumblr, to me, is a lot like Pintrest. . .but there are WAY MORE options than just a photo board. It's basically a blog, basically. It's a bit more social and smaller snippets than a full blown blog. You can post photos, text, quotes, links, videos, music. . .whatever you want. Much of the time, whatever I repin on Pintrest, I tumble on Tumblr and vice versa; but not always. I use them both a little differently. However, Tumblr allows me to use my URL CraftyHope.com. So if you ever enter that, my Tumblr is what you will find. 

I recently joined up on Google+.
I haven't really completely figured it out yet, but I know it's still growing and as it does I'll learn more. If you want an invite, again just let me know. If you're already on there, drop me a line so I can add you to one of my circles!! If you get it more than me. . .please educate me!

The BULK of my time gets spent on blogs.
I use Google Reader to manage the long list of blogs I read. Many of my favorite blogs can be found on the sidebars of my own blog. (Of course, if you're reading this in a feedreader like Google Reader, you'll need to actually click over to my actual blog to see those blogrolls.) You'll find a list of other jewelry and bead related blogs on the left sidebar as well as a list of friends' blogs on the right sidebar. If you find that YOUR blog isn't on either of these lists, please don't hesitate to let me know! Please note that these are not the ONLY blogs I read. . .there are many, many more!

Lastly, my other time-consumers are the usual suspects. . .Facebook and Twitter. I've been using these two for YEARS and can never catch up, ever. You can find me in both places as CraftyHope. Of course, I do have a Facebook page as well. Simply search for CraftyHopeJewelry and you'll see me! 

I do have links to finding me in all these places (except Google+) on the right sidebar. So, you won't have to go back and find this post again, just refer there!

Now, for some eye-candy!
Twirling Fairy Earrings
Find me! Friend me! Follow me!
I don't mind a stalker or two ;)
Back to it!


  1. Hi Hope, Wow you really are on the internet a lot. My fiance complains because I check my e-mails and facebook as soon as I get home. He says I'm on the computer all day at work why do I want to be on it at home. I just smile and say "You're to old school Babe"
    I love those earrings that green is my favorite color in the green family.

  2. I can imagine that you don't want to look at many more monitors for too long after you get off work! My hubs is okay with my addiction though. He's often on his as well. . .usually "researching" something or other.

    I'm so glad you like those earrings. I think they're adorable too! And, that IS a fab shade of green. I wasn't sure what to call it. . .is peridot about right?

  3. I love pinterest too. It is addicting. I haven't tried tumblr or google + yet. I did follow you on pinterest. I'm on there as http://pinterest.com/lesliet/.

  4. Leslie- I'm following you now.
    As far as Tumblr and Google+, they're okay. G+ seems to be a lot like a facebook status feed. And, that's about it. Tumblr is a lot like Pintrest, but is more than just pictures. I definitely prefer Pintrest of the three. It's quick, easy, and pretty!!


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