It's Always Something, Isn't It?

With a clean table and a full head, I started the day fairly motivated.
In fact, I started it right off in the craft room as opposed to my comfy chair in the living room (where I usually check e-mails and such first thing.)

After working for a few minutes to start on the next step to a project I started last night, I pulled out my "Porjects to work on" bin that contains a variety of items to be repaired, completed, etc.
On top was a necklace for my cousin. . .reminding me that I need to search out the right color of suede cord.
But next was this. . .experiment that I started many, many, MANY years ago.
After examining it and the other beads in the baggie,
I decided it just needed a "clasp" to be finished off. So, I added a button. 
Viola = interesting fall colors bracelet.

Just as soon as I had that completed, before I could even get all the extra beads and buttons put away, Pat asked me to run out for some lunch. No problem, Chick-Fil-A sounded good.. . .

Alas, it was too good to be true.
As I started to pull out of the driveway, the car felt a little weird and I noticed that my tire was leaving an odd mark on the cement. 
I was already scheduled to pick up the nieces this afternoon and Pat has to leave early also for a gig so we rallied and tried to come up with a solution. Hmmmmm...

We ended up putting as much air into the tire as we could and Pat followed me the mile up to Wal-Mart. I seriously didn't think the tire would make it. But, IT DID!! (as my heart beat and I prayed!)

Of course once there, I couldn't just sit there and wait. I had to wander over to the bead section.

THEN, I just sat there and took in the scenery.

I'm thankful that we discovered the flat when we did and got it remedied. But, I hate that my motivated day and my bin of projects fell to the wayside. Ah well. It's always something.

Childlike Happiness (NEW)

Remnants of the Past (ON SALE)

At least something got accomplished today. . .that's better than last week!


  1. Oh no!! I had to laugh when I read your post - it's so true - it is always something! Especially on those days we feel really creative... but you did get some new beads out of it and that is ALWAYS good! I'm hoping I can salvage my week in the next 2 days... :-)

  2. Oh well, at least the tire was discovered before Pat left for his gig and Wal-Mart is always a good place to waste an hour or two in. Have fun with your nieces.

  3. Rebekah, I'd definitely prefer to laugh over it than cry over it! And yes, I did get some new beads out of it. Best of luck to you on a motivated and productive rest of the week!! :)

    Therese, YES!! I'm so happy that we lucked out and saw the tire at mid-day rather than later. That could have been a disaster. And, youngest niece and I had a good time playing pick-up sticks and doing a puzzle while the oldest was sick with a headache. Ah well. . .


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