Harry Potter, Midnight, Tonight

I've been waiting for as well as dreading today for months-years. 
Tonight, at midnight, I'll see the LAST Harry Potter movie.
It's so very bittersweet.

If you have any doubt of my love for all things Harry Potter, remember where I went on vacation a few weeks ago. . .AND, just do a search within my blog for anything Harry related and you'll find a long lists of posts mentioning the boy wizard.

In honor of the movie tonight, I created an Etsy Treasury full of all kinds of magical creations.
It All Ends
Please click on the link to see the full treasury!!

I plan on taking my wand with me as well as making myself a deathly hallows necklace (time permitting) to wear for the movie. Oh, and I pray I don't forget the tissues as I know I'll be sobbing my eyes out as it comes to an end.

So that this post isn't completely centered on my geeky interests, take a gander at these earrings that were placed on sale today.
Split Personality Earrings - ON SALE

Are you spending the day obsessing over the end or did you not even realize that tonight was the night? Either way. . .enjoy your day.


  1. Tonight we continue our tradition we started 4 years ago with The Order of the Phoenix. I'm so glad that we'll be able to share "the end" together.

  2. All good things must come to an end, but in the case of books and movies they can always be revisited. Enjoy the movie and try not to cry until the end so you do not miss anything by wipping the tears away.

  3. I love the collection - awesome!

    I'm excited about seeing the last one, too - but we're not sardine-movie-theater people, so we're waiting till next weekend!!


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