Announcing a Change

While I know there's been very little NEW activity in my shop lately, there's also been very few sales the last few months. This has dampened my spirits some but has also given my an opportunity to think more about my shop, my jewelry, and my approach to selling what I make. I'm still not sure if this much thought is a good thing or not, but let me get to the point. . .

Starting today, all new items listed in my shop will include a Haiku as part of its description.
  • It's a little something that will set my shop apart from others
  • I do love words
  • I used to write poetry on a fairly consistent basis and miss that outlet
  • This will help me stretch my creative muscles beyond simply making jewelry
  • Each haiku will serve as a basis for the title of the piece (since I always have a hard time with those)
  • The poems will give buyers get a little insight into how I think each jewelry piece 'feels'
I'll go ahead and admit that while I will try to write each Haiku in the traditional manner (syllabic, punctuation, seasonal words), this will not always be the case. In general, each poem will have the 5-7-5 syllable lines that most people come to expect. Hopefully, I won't receive too much criticism for this lax in traditional haiku.

I also plan on including a copy of the poem with each piece sold (at least the ones that have one written.)

The first Haiku piece(s) should be listed this afternoon, so please keep your eyes peeled. (That is, if all goes well and quickly at the doctor's office this morning.)

In the meantime, let me share other happenings at Etsy.
1. My White Trash JUNK Necklace was included in this cute treasury
Trashy and Classy
2. I put this bracelet on sale 20% off!
After a Spring Rain Bracelet
3. As well, this stone and bead necklace is now 25% off!
Peach Beach Necklace

I know I'm probably going off the deep end with this Haiku idea, but it was just one of those things that came to me in a flash and I thought I'd try to pursue. . . at least for a little while. We'll see how it goes. I can always change things up if I need to!! Oh, and I am a little afraid of becoming known as HaikuHope because of this. Let's not let that happen okay!

Thoughts? Comments? Loads of giggles at the silly girl? I'd like to hear it!


  1. Hi Hope,
    Anything is worth a try, I think you should go for it!

  2. I love the concept
    of poetry describing
    jewelry you create.

  3. Therese- THANKS!!

    Heidi- You've got me giggling my butt off!! Thanks for the support! :D

  4. Good luck with the new approach, I really hope it will work out for you, darling. It's definitely worth a try, Hope.
    ♥ Bibi

  5. Bibi, Thanks. I just hope it help those creative sparks fly a bit more!


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