Project Runway Ate My Homework (TRT)

I had full intentions of blogging last night. Yet, after making and eating dinner, I decided to catch up on the 3 hours of TiVoed Project Runway I missed on Thursday.

The evening was lost. The entire list of things I needed to get done was thrown out the window so I could devote my complete, full, and utter attention to the TV. How much of a fat ass does that make me? Instead of finishing up my meal plan for the week, I watched TV. Instead of browsing beautiful condos online for our Labor Day weekend getaway, I watched TV. Instead of crafting, I watched TV. Instead of blogging about it, I watched TV. So, it was a complete "to do list FAIL" of an evening.

To top it off, everything on the list was something I was gonna do ON MY ASS anyway, I just couldn't bear to pull my eyes away from the television long enough to look at something else (I've missed stuff on PR that way before.)

One thing was accomplished, I did get a good laugh out of myself - I realized that Tim Gunn's "Make it work" is just an older, gay man's "Get r done." He he he he! You may have already seen my tweet about that, but I think I'm a comic genius to come up with that little joke. Okay, maybe not a comic genius but a very funny girl nonetheless.

In order for me to feel as though I've accomplished SOMETHING else, let's get to some "Totally Random Tuesday" links and finish up this blog post:
  • A paranoid's breakfast -
  • With Tim Burton's new take on it upcoming, here's a look at the fashion of Alice in Wonderland through the years.
  • Speaking of fashion, take a look at the zipper dress. Man, there are definitely parts of your body you don't want stuck in one of those zippers! However, it is absolutely a cool idea!
  • Do you read the writing on the wall? You know, the public bathroom wall. . . I do!! I'm constantly laughing at some of the things that are written there, the bad grammar, mis-spellings, and the written 'fights' people have, In any case, here's some of the best bathroom wall graffiti.
  • Lastly, the internet is currently overflowing with funny pie charts, bar graphs, and more that poke fun at just about anything. Here's a sampling of some fun with charts.
So, that's all for now. I need to get back to the list. Just by completing this task, I've really overlooked/ignored a few other to do items. Sigh! It never ends!


  1. Tim Gunn's "Make it work" is just an older, gay man's "Get r done."

    LOLOLOLOL! That was wonderful! I do NOT like reality TV. But I LOVE Project Runway.

  2. I'm so glad you like that. . .no one seems to really appreciate my comic genius, really. :)


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