The Kid Club, I Know it Exists (ThTh)

There IS a club. I KNEW it.
I've seen two mentions of individuals welcoming new mothers to 'The Club.' [Please note that your facebook and twitter comments do not pass unnoticed.] I have something to say about this club. Here goes.

The majority of my friends have kids and (it's weird but) as soon as they have those little rascals, I see them less and less. I knew there had to be a reason: they're at their club meetings most of the time. That's IT isn't it? THAT's the reason I don't get invited to parties, THAT's the reason I never see them on Saturdays, or late nights, or hardly ever. It's not ME at all. Apparently, if you are a card-carrying member of the mommy club, parent club, able to reproduce club (or whatever it's called) your interactions with those NOT in the club is restricted. Damn clubs! Now I understand why LOML never was a 'joiner'

I am, however, doing what I can to join. Yet, I'm afraid that by the time I get accepted into the club, all our friends will be tenuring out with the development of teenagers. (I think they'll actually have to join the I'm-going-so-crazy-I-can't-see straight-Club) I'll still be left out!! I make feeble attempt to join with use of my nieces, but they're just loaners and I only get them on a limited time basis. Blah.

You can all stop pretending now. The secret is out. There is a club, I get it. You parents who've been brainwashed into joining can come out from hiding and call your barren, childless friends to come over. We really aren't afraid of your ankle-biters. We really just want to see you. Our weekends are fairly lonely without you (and your kids.)

**Disclaimer: I am not pointing this at ANY of my friends in particular. I am only letting all of you know that those of us without children miss you and feel a little lost without you. Just because you have kids does not mean that we want to see you any less. In fact, it just makes us feel like less of a person to not be included. The torture of NOT having kids is enough, why tease us with not having friends either?**

Okay? Rant over!!

Moving on to less controversial topics, how about some "Thrifty Thursday"?
  • Make your brown bag lunch more interesting.
  • We all use it, but it's so harsh and chemically that we don't really want it in our houses around our pets (oh yeah- or kids.) Now you can have handmade draino without harsh chemicals.
  • How to shop at thrift stores. If you're an old hand at it like me, you'll still see a few little tricks and tips. Let me know if you have any suggestions of your own on your method for thrift store shopping. Really! Leave me a comment with your thrift store techniques and tips. Mine- when looking at a long clothes aisle and in a hurry, scan the make of the fabrics only. If you know good quality fabric, you can more likely find good quality pieces of clothing.
  • I'm not sure if this constitutes thrifty or not, but the main ingredient is ramen noodles, so there has to be SOME sort of thrift to these ramen noodle recipes.
So that's it. I'm gonna sit back and enjoy my quiet, childless house and try not to torture myself by wondering when and if that will ever change. Because, I know the nieces are spending the night Friday, and it won't be quiet for long!!


  1. I don't know about there being a club (I'm a parent and no one invited me.. ain't that just the way it goes?) but I do know that all that I'm able to talk about is my kids (read "boring"). You might be better off on your own :)

  2. Thanks for the reassurement, but I don't mind the talking about the kids or evening hanging out with the kids (I like being around kids- it's my nature.) It just seems like my friends gain kids and leave me standing outside while the only people they hang out with are other people with kids.
    On the other hand, I do get to do whatever I want whenever I want, sit in silence, put the TV on whatever channel I please, and set the time I get up in the morning. I know there are benefits. I just can't see them sometimes.


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