Growing Older But Not Up (WWWW)

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life where the fact that you are a grown-up suddenly hits home. It could be your first job, first student loan payment, getting married, or buying a house.

Mine JUST hit. I got dressers.

For years, LOML and I (our clothes) have been living 'out of boxes.' What needed to be on a hanger was hung, but anything that needed to be folded was stacked on a shelf or stuffed in a box. I've complained forever that I wanted a place to put my panties. And, we've searched. . .for years. . .for dressers.

Somehow, the stars aligned, the sales were just right, and we got some! I was so very excited. I AM very excited. (I think LOML is just relieved that I will now stop complaining about it.) We've only gotten the dresser in, not the chest of drawers yet. But, as I pass and use the dresser through the day, wake up looking at it, and fall asleep with it in eyesight . . .I feel more responsible.

This was our first REAL furniture purchase. I know - lame. But, we bought a futon as our first couch, inherited a ton of furniture from my uncle, and had a few bits and pieces we grew up with that we kept. We did buy a mattress, box springs, and a cheap bed frame a few months back (to replace the full-sized bed we've had since I graduated from college.) However, we've never made a purchase like this. REAL furniture, with OUR money.

Unfortunately, I don't have a picture to share. But they're just simple, dark wood dressers - very us. As I look at the one piece we currently have and wait for the other, I can't help but feel more like a grown up. Somehow, buying our house didn't do it for me as much as making the purchase of a place to put my panties. Sigh. I need help.

Let's get to some "Wild, Wild Web Wednesday":
  • Ever wanted a resource for your pet's health? Check out PetMD for pet health info, like WebMD, but for animals. Cool huh?
  • I can soooooo use this- With only a few words or so, LyricRat can help you name that tune.
  • Rockin out with animatronic robots... you know those large creepy robot animals at Chucky Cheese? These have been hacked to play music other than the original cheezy stuff they were intended for.
  • Ever wanted to send a greeting card (either online or snail mail) to someone but really hated all the sappy ones that seem more intended for your grandmothers. This collection of greeting card sources should remedy that for you.
  • There's a whole flicker group of just Jazz hands, called So Jazzy.
In the end, I must admit that while the dressers do make me feel like more of a grown-up, I still refuse to behave like an adult all the time. That's no fun. No fun at all!!


  1. My wife and I didn't buy our first real set of new furniture until 2006, eleven years after we got married. For those eleven years, we used yard-sale furniture and her old bedroom suite.

    Congrats on the new drawers in which to place your drawers. It really makes home feel like home, does it not?

  2. Whew! I don't feel as bad now. Thanks!!


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