What Can I Say? I've Had Lots to Do (MMSM)

So. . . I've been busy. I can't say exactly what I've been busy doing (because I can't quite recall that information.) But, busy I have been.

I know I last blogged before Labor Day weekend. LOML and I took a four day weekend and rented a condo at the beach (predictably so.) My grandmother, mom, step-dad, and the nieces even came down for two days and night. It was fun.

I've also done a bit of thrift store shopping. I'll share some of that later in the week.

This weekend I do recall:
Margaritas on Friday with some friends and then home to sleep them off (the margaritas, not the friends.)
Saturday was spent in a college football stupor. LOML and I are really getting into watching the games. We even watch teams other than Alabama now to try to check out the competition. It's weird, but we like it.
Sunday, we wore ourselves out cleaning and working on the RV. We plan to take a little trip in a few weeks, and the thing really needs some work. We started by scrubbing the dirt off the outside and trying to kill the hornets/wasps hovering around different sections. We went through two cans of hornet/wasp spray. That exertion just about took us out for the count. After a quick break, we were ready to venture inside the trailer. I forced LOML to go in ahead of me to check for bugs and critters that may have been lurking. Instead, he found a light fixture filled with some brown liquid. It was also splatted on the floor below the fixture. SWELL!! After that was emptied, we let the camper air out for a bit before checking out the places where we had found some of the hornets/wasps. Opening up one panel revealed THREE LARGE WASP NESTS. Ugh. I wish I had taken a picture of them for you, but we were acting as quickly as we could on this. Fortunately, all the spraying earlier had resulted in lack of hornets on the nest. We got those suckers out and quit for the evening. Whew!! It really makes me glad that we're doing this work on the RV. I would hate to have pulled that trailer out to a camping spot and not had the supplies to take care of the flying, stinging bugs.

Since getting some work done on the camper, I feel a sense of completion and weight off my shoulders today. I've made a list of some of the other tasks I need to take care of this week (including cleaning the INSIDE of the trailer.) Hopefully, I'll get some, if not all, the tasks done on it. That would be awesome to relieve some of the stress and panic I feel daily.

Moving on, let's get to some "Made Me Smile Monday"
  • Here are some of the weirdest resturant names I've ever heard. Some of these names make me wonder if I really want to eat there or not, but they're funny in any case.
  • Not to offend anyone, but I really like this shirt. It's funny, that's all. I'm not trying to make a political statement or anything.
  • I know I've posted before on homeless guy signs. And, some of these are old, but some are new.
  • What makes this even better is that it's on the back of what looks like a white Bronco!! HA!
  • I LOVE this. If you need a laugh, this is the site.This guy totally provides a laugh for you. Click on each box to hear a different one individually, type or bang on the keyboard to get a mixture. I listened to each individually 1st and like W, U, and C. But, H is above all the best one. I can use this for a smile anytime.
That's all for now. I've got a long list to get to. I promise blogging is on it (it really wasn't, but it is now!!)


  1. We used to have a little pop-up camper. Finally gave it up and sold it because of all the keep up. It was a pain. I've gotten to where I'd rather just go somewhere and stay at a resort. Still, I miss being able to take my house with me, even if it was flattened like a pancake most of the time.

  2. Our's is just a regular camper that has this electric slide out part. It's not flattened. I'm not sure if that's a plus or not. I love the resort thing too, but we also like to camp. Since we're in Southern Alabama, camping most of the year is too hot. The camper allows us to camp any time of year (since there's air conditioning) We can cheat!!


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