Weekend and Crafts (MMSM)

First and foremost, go check out the post over on my Fairy Creative blog to see what kinds of crafty I've been lately.

The weekend was a bit strange. Friday night, LOML and I had a great night out - some margaritas and then beers at a local bar. Baaaaaaaaddddd decision. We both were completely hungover Saturday. Me- so much more than him. It was a completely wasted day: playing on the computer, intaking liquids, and napping. We tried to make it ALL up on Sunday and did a pretty good job of it. I started by making up breakfast and then spending some time in the craft room. We headed down to the beach for lunch and then met up with one of my best friends and her family for a little bit before winding our way back home. I cooked some dinner and we went to see District 9. Of course, we didn't make it to bed until after midnight. Overall, it was a good weekend.

So, let's just forget about Saturday and move on to some "Made Me Smile Monday"

Sorry to make it so short, but I'm heading out to get some Thai food with LOML now. Gotta go!!

Now, don't forget to head over and see how Fairy Creative I've been.


  1. I will definitely click the wedding link.

    Sorry about the hangover. I can't drink for that reason - it just NEVER agrees with me and I have zero tolerance. Glad you made up for the lost day on Sunday.

    Have a great week!

  2. Jennifer- I did much better this weekend! Whew, last weekend was heck!!
    Do check out that link and enjoy! Thanks for stopping by again!

  3. Hi Hope!

    Thanks for coming over--so happy to meet you!

    love, kelee

    p.s. I believe i your travel dreams!


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