Crafting With the Kids (ThTh)


The craft-room clean-up mission was accomplished in record time. It's amazing what you can do when you really want it done. I've always said that I work best under pressure. (it's true)

When the girls got to my house (I told them the craft room was clean), they immediately wanted to craft. And, craft we did. They started painting the moment they walked in the door, we had trouble getting them to leave for dinner. With rain predicted for the whole weekend (ruining our plans to go to the beach) and them losing access to the Wii (it just caused problems), it was a good thing they like to craft.
So, what did we make?
  • Basic painting on a canvas board (and then just paper) with acrylic paints
  • Polymer clay beads, which were baked and strung on leather cord
  • Tin can pencil holders
  • Melt-and pour soap
  • A collage
As far as their favorite activity, it was painting by a long shot. Yet, by the time they got home, they we anxious to show off their soap and tin cans. From what I hear, they've put both to good use.

Even after all of that, I was able to keep the craft room in order by decreeing that no new projects would be started until we put away the materials from other projects. It's such a relief to know that it was clean and has stayed that way. Hurray!!

I don't have much of an easy way to move on, but it's "Thrifty Thursday" and I'm ready to share some links:Mmmmm- crafting and talk of thrift, two of my favorites. I'm helping with the girls tonight, so I need to get to some other tasks so I can get over there in time. Later, y'all!!


  1. In the picture above, your niece on the left looks so much like you! Lucky girl :)

  2. Everyone says that (the looking like me part, not the lucky part)- she hates hearing it now.
    However, she's got these amazing big, brown, expressive doe-eyes. Mine are just blue. . .

  3. I need to post some of my polymer clay stuff. I'm crazy about the stuff, and I don't even have kids to use as an excuse to play with it.

  4. Those are my nieces, I don't have kids either. But, I have TONS of polymer clay. Besides, who needs an excuse to play with it?? :)

  5. Sounds like a fun and crafty time. I can't wait for my two nieces to get old enough to have crafty dates.

    Nothing like having visitors to get cleaning in action!

  6. Regina- We had a BLAST too. I'm just glad I instilled a crafty nature in them at an early age, otherwise I dunno what I would have done with them all day (especially after they lost access to the Wii)!


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