Packing an Etsy Order

In this age of online orders, there's still something so exciting about receiving a package in the mail. I know that I do everything I can to make sure that those who buy from the CraftyHope Etsy Shop are excited about their order. I take great pride and a little creative freedom when it comes to packing up each piece of jewelry for them. While my process is always the same, no two orders are packed exactly alike, so it's always a surprise. Let me walk you through the process.

It all begins with the order. Once it's placed, I ensure that the handmade jewelry is secured to a handmade backer
These upcycled cardboard pieces ensure that there is some stability within the standard bubble mailer that I use. 

Though each piece is shipped in a bubble mailer, the security of your jewelry is the main concern. So, an additional layer of bubble wrap around each item is added and a piece of decorative washi tape secures it. 
The washi tape adds a little pop of color to otherwise boring bubblewrap but is also very easy to remove so there's no delay in getting inside.

From there, you will begin the process of creating an envelope that is specially sized for each item. This starts with a piece of excess scrapbook paper that is cut down to size. 
The size of the paper all depends on the size of the bubble-wrapped jewelry. Make sure that the paper will wrap around the contents longways with at least an inch of overlap and that there is at least an extra inch at both the top and bottom as well. 

Without securing anything, wrap the paper around the jewelry and hold it in place.
Then, make four creases in the paper at the ends where there's nothing inside. 

Unfold the paper. Remove the jewelry. Grab some scissors.

To make it easier to fold the envelope, you will need to cut away the corners of the paper using the creased lines as a guide.
Your paper should now look something like a wonky addition symbol.

Add a line of glue from a glue stick along one of the long edges. Then, fold in the sides so they overlap slightly. You don't want to make this too tight or it could be hard to insert the contents when the envelope is completed.
Use clothespins to hold the edges together while the glue dries. 

Once that seal is secure, decide which side of your envelope is the top and which is the bottom. Press in the excess paper on the sides of the bottom so they form a little divot inward. 
This extra step will help the final product look neater.

Rub the glue onto that bottom flap and fold it up. 
Again, use clothespins to secure the paper until the glue is dry.

Remove the clothespins and slip your jewelry into the envelope.

Fold over and crease the top flap. Use washi tape to secure it closed. 
Again, the washi tape both dresses up the envelope as well as keeps the envelope closed. But, it is also easy to remove. 

As an extra step to make the envelope even more enticing and even more secure, add a bow of ribbon or twine.

Along with the packaged jewelry, I usually add a handwritten mixed media thank you note, a receipt for the order, a couple of business cards, and a gift. The gift is most often one of my beaded bookmarks
The above items are all placed in a single, regular envelope so they are all together. I leave the bookmark hanging out so that it adds a touch of flair.

The two envelopes are placed in a manila bubble envelope that has been addressed.
Then, it's all off to the excited buyer on the other end!

To make sure my steps for Packing and Etsy Order are clear, I created a quick video. 

But, if you do have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Now, tell me true: What makes you most excited about receiving a package in the mail?


  1. Love this casual elegant packaging style!

  2. Wow it looks so pretty! Regardless of whether I ship local or abroad, I always use a pre cut gold coloured box and a tyvek cover. I learned the hard way after a piece broke when I shipped it in a just a bubble mailer. Now I give priority to sturdiness over beauty.

  3. Thanks for this post. I only sell occasionally for charity, and I'm always nervous about making the package secure, yet pretty.

    1. I love using this method as it uses up so much of my stash of scrapbook paper that I was gifted but never use for anything else as well as ribbon that I have leftover from other projects. You know I'm all about using what I have! I hope it works for you!


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