Peek at my Week: Jan 20-26

I'm not even sure how to describe this past week. I was able to check off so much on my to-do list, and then accomplish tasks I didn't even plan on doing. Of course, that meant that some things did fall to the wayside. Sigh. It's always a balancing act, isn't it?

Since it only takes 15 minutes out of each day, I was able to keep up with the #UseItUpFillItUp2 challenge from Tiffany of Southern Gals Designs on Instagram. 
And, I have to admit that I think this was my most favorite week of the challenge yet. It goes to show that creativity breeds more creativity! 

Sunday began with some serious thinking about my business and organization and focus - all which have needed to be done for some time. In that spirit, Pat and I headed up to Serda's, a local coffee shop, where I did a little planning for the week ahead in my bullet journal. 
Yes, I like ALL the office supplies!

On the way home, I saw the HUGE orb that was the moon rising and remembered that it was going to be a Super Blood Wolf Moon with a lunar eclipse that evening. So, as soon as we got home, we headed out to the back of the property to get a better look at the sky.
By that time we made it all the way back there, the moon wasn't as large, but it was still a phenomenal sight. Later that evening, we hopped outside in intervals to take peeks at the eclipse. I did get a few pictures, but they're nowhere near as breathtaking as some of the others you can find online. (Basically, I got a picture of a red dot in a sea of black.)

Since we stayed up so late watching the moon, Monday was a tad slow-moving. 
Not fans of the moon, the kitties found comfort in the sunshine while I knocked off tasks on my list.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a blur of getting things done. Though, I did spend time with my family celebrating my mom's birthday. I also had a bit of a happy surprise myself as I found out that Shel C on YouTube did a shoutout video in which she shared my channel!! What!? I was in shock - blissful, happy shock!

Thursday was more chores and business, though there was a bit of a struggle to get anything done for the cute in the window. 

Friday's my big house-cleaning day. Once the chores were tackled, I dove into using up the overripe bananas on the counter.
I really love this Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread recipe. Though, I did add pecans to it. 

While that baked, I focused on the prompts from the Allegory Gallery "Bead in the New Year" Challenge that I had woefully fallen behind on. I picked up where I left off and made jewelry for days 18, 19, & 20.
Day 18 was to focus on metal, day 19 was to be inspired by a piece of art, and day 20 was to use natural materials. I'll share more about these once the whole challenge is over. 

Saturday was a flurry of creating for both Pat and myself.  He worked on finishing a step on the deck.

And, I broke out the sewing machine. First, I made a small pocket bag for my Kindle.
It was a lot of trial and error since my sewing skills are minimal. I did share the who process in my Instagram Story and saved it as Sewn Kindle Bag as a highlight on my profile so y'all could view it. 

While the sewing machine was out and loaded with thread, I decided to pull out a stack of miscellaneous paper and fabric.

And, I made little stacks for art journaling.
I know, it looks like a mess of trash. But, I'm hoping to make something beautiful with them. 

Before starting my sewing endeavors, I did run to the store for a few things and found Girl Scouts gathered around a small table.
I ended up bringing home five boxes of cookies. I couldn't help myself!!

And now for some creative links and inspiration:
As this post is going up on Monday and half the day is already gone, I'm already running behind on this week's plans. But, at least I have a plan. Bright side! Here's hoping you find the bright sides to your week too!


  1. It's priceless when you feel satisfied with your creative process.! I'm pinning the bead stitches right away. A couple of the other links revived some long forgotten plans. Not the handwriting, no, mine was OK at school but regressed at the university where you had to be quick to write down the lecture that usually had nothing to do with the textbook :)

  2. Even though you had a busy week, you seem to have gotten a bit of both jewelry and art done. That is great. I remember learning to sew at college and practicing on paper till we got our stitches right. Your experiment reminds me of that

  3. Your kitten is getting so big and still super cute! That was a beautiful sky photo you captured. I love the look of stitching on paper. Great idea making this stash for future fun! The deck is looking fantastic.


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