Stuff I Found Online

I've been swamped with some tasks about the house and the camper, so I'm a bit behind on my bloggy-ness. Instead of leaving you with nothing from me, let me share some of the wonderful I've recently discovered online.
  • First, a creative quote I really like.
  • I'm a sucker for anything Tiramisu, so this recipe totally caught my eye.
Tiramisu Bread from The Cooking Bride

I'll leave you with that laugh for now. Have a great day!


  1. Enjoyed Word Crimes. Now go to and vote for Weird Al to be the halftime performer at Super Bowl XLVII

    1. Alan, Thanks for the heads up! :) See you tomorrow.

  2. Great finds. That Tiramisu bread is making me hungry just looking at it! What a coincidence that you posted that particular pic from the giveaway blog post because the clear pear drop is the focal of my latest jewellery creation! I photographed it on a blue background but the bigger beads are actually clear. (You might recognise them ;-) )

    1. Lizzie, I'll have to go check out your post to see what you've made for sure. I'm so glad to hear you're making good use of those bits. :)


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