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Though Bead Table Wednesday originator, Heather of HumbleBeads, is busily prepping for BeadFest I'm simply dreaming that I was jetting away to BeadFest myself. Instead of sulking, I'm keeping myself busy in my own studio. Take a peek at what's on my desk at the moment.
You may recall those rings in the center. They're off the file folder dividers I found when we bought the desk we thrifted and upcycled back in October. I'm finally ready to do something with at least some of them.
As you can see, I'm starting by flattening them out. Next, I want to add some color.

However, I'm not sure what medium I want to use to color the metal so I'm just going to play. (L-R: Vintaj Patina in Verdigris, Gilder's Paste in Patina, and Iced Enamels Medium and enamel powder in Turquoise Relique).

This should be fun! Though Heather's not doing the link-up today, I'd still love to know what's on your Table too. Let me know in the comments.
Bead Table Wednesday is the brain child of Heather Powers of HumbleBeads who encourages you to show off what's on your creative desk each week.

I'm also linking up to Thoughtful Thursday on Cozinest and Show and Share on Coastal Charm.


  1. I have a cute huge wired hoop earring that I have stretched out and making into a bracelet. I am just waiting for the patinas I purchased to finish it up. I love those rings.

  2. those beads are beautiful, your blog is so fun! love the background :)


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