Happy Delays to My Meal Plan and Recipe Review

Yesterday's events caused all kinds of delays to my usual routine, but I didn't mind at all. It was a day of celebrations for sure.

First, I got the honor of being one of the first friends/family to welcome baby Karoline into the world.
Unfortunately, this picture was taken through the blinds and criss-cross glass of the nursery window, but it was still a great view!

Then, I watched the sun go down as Julia and the Fairhope Class of 2014 set off as members of the 'real' world.
It was a beautiful sight and poetic in some respect.

So who cares if today is a day of playing catch up. It was definitely worth it!

Here's the menu I would have posted yesterday.

Breakfasts: Smoothies, Cinnamon bread, Cereal, Omelets, Blueberry pancakes

Lunches: Leftovers, Simple sesame noodles, Bean burritoes, Tuna Noodles, PB&J, Cheese quesidillas, Soup and grilled cheese

Baked sesame tofu sticks w/steamed broccoli & quinoa mix
Vegetarian taco soup
Homemade pizza w/salad
Grilled chicken and veggie skewers


Recipe Review

Mushroom and Onion Shells and Cheese: This was basically a version of one of the Pioneer Woman's recipes that I've made in the past. I guess I didn't realize that. Let me go ahead and say that I didn't use some of the more expensive cheese but instead used chaddar, parm, goat, and a little mozz to make this mac and cheese dish. It was delicious and I could have kept on eating it, but I made myself stop. I will make this again (either this version or the one from PW.)

Sticky Orange Tofu Bowl: This was very yummy and a great new way (for us) to eat tofu. The cashews and syrup caramelized a little, making it toffee-like hard to eat, but it was yummy. We really enjoyed it. I'll be making this again.

Pasta with Mushrooms: I've made this several times and love it every time I make it. I cannot get enough. Yum!

Lemon Garlic Orzo Soup: This was really simple and pretty tasty. I was actually just looking for a way to use up some orzo I had on hand. I'm not sure if I'll make it again as it wasn't very filling, though it might be perfect for later in summer. We'll see.

Roasted Chickpeas: I added these to a spinach salad and we liked them okay. I like that they are pretty customizable to your tastes. I'll probably try making these again sometime.

Chicken, Potato, and Carrot Pie: I've made this previously, and we really liked it. So, I went for it again. As before, it  was well-received. All the leftovers were even eaten. The biggest issue I had with it was getting the pie crust out of the pan it came in without it crumbling to pieces. Otherwise, it was fabulous and will be made again.

Now, does anyone have a good recipe for roasted zucchini and squash that doesn't make it turn to water/mush? Please share!

Oh! And Congratulations to my friends who had so much to celebrate yesterday!


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