Bead Table Wednesday: Slightly Boring

Despite getting much accomplished over the last several weeks, I still haven't quite caught up with all I want to do. As such, I haven't made the plunge back into creative mode yet, so my desk currently looks like this.
My bullet journal (to do list), a tape measure (to aid in writing product descriptions), and my cultured sea glass that arrived last week for ZnetShows' summer challenge (I'll show those babies off in detail a little later) are all scattered across the surface. By my standards, the main task that needs to be finished is the writing of those product descriptions, and there are only five that need to be done at the moment. I should be able to knock those out by tomorrow. After that, I'm looking forward to scattering a mess of creativity all over the table. Deciding where to start will likely be the hardest part.

Share your Bead Table Wednesday at Heather's Humblebeads Blog. I am definitely looking for some inspiration of where to start tomorrow!


  1. Your table looks much neater than mine! I am struggling to,get everything done too.

    1. Kathy - Mine's neat!? Eek. Here's hoping we can both get caught up soon :)


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