My Materials for the ZnetShows Summer Challenge

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Now that I'm FINALLY starting to get things/tasks squared away in the craft room/business department, I can get back to the fun part of being a jewelry designer - designing jewelry! Right now, I've got these Cultured Sea Glass Beads from spread across my workspace.

I'm working on their summer challenge of designing a day and an evening piece with the cultured sea glass. We were given the freedom to choose two of the many sea glass colors and were also sent an exciting array of other colors. I chose the Smoky Quartz and Opaque Blue Opal (below, though the opal blue just isn't coming through in my photos.)
I've got quite a few ideas rolling around, but nothing really solid yet. That's probably what I get for taking so long of a break from creating - inspiration overload. Now it's back to staring at these beauties and dreaming of what I can make them become. Shoot, maybe I can even get something made soon.


  1. Oh my..that smoky quartz looks beautiful! I was not so sure when I looked at them. Am really loving your color choices.

    I already made two pieces from my mix...shld make more soon :)

    Thanks for the opportunity, hope! Its been fun. And I also used their gift cert for the previous challenge, and got some really cool chains!

  2. Love these unusual shapes and colours, Hope :)

  3. I love the new free-form style donuts. I'm really excited about working with these. I have a few ideas, but they're on hold right now. Just finished the bead soup, and I have a piece to finish for Suburban girl studios waxed linen blog hop next weekend. Then I get to play with the sea glass. Yay!

  4. Pretty combo of colors, Hope!

  5. Hi Hope! I love these sea glass beads, especially the organic hoops in the middle. I bet you will make something amazing!

    1. Clare - Aw thank you! I do love those hoops too. I've just completed my designs and hope that I meet up to your expectations! :) Thanks again.


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