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Way back when I started blogging (ages ago), I shared bunches of links to just some of the cool stuff I found on the internet. In fact, I shared so many links that I had daily themes as to what I shared. (Seriously, check out April 2008. It's full of linky goodness.) Somehow, I let those posts fall to the wayside. I want to bring my link-sharing back. . . kinda. Now, I promise I won't be doing this daily like I used to. And, I can't promise that I'll even post links weekly. I just want to make sure you get to see some of the awesome, inspiring, and helpful things I find. {{If you're going to Pin or Tumble or share these yourself in some way, PLEASE make sure you go to the original source and do so!!}}

This collection of slightly creepy, but stunning photos is simply called Bothers Grimm's Homeland. Here's just one of them.
Brothers Grimm's Homeland by Killian Schoenberger
For something a little lighter, here's 10 Light & Fresh Spring Dips from TheKitchn
10 Light & Fresh Dips for Spring Snacking from TheKitchn
Isn't this colorful boho bracelet from Three Trees just dreamy?
Colorful Boho Bracelet, Tribal Jewelry by ThreeTrees
How fun is this light up paper mache garland? Too cute, right? And, looks easy enough.
Paper Mache Lit Garland from Oh Happy Day
I'm swooning over these Rustic Polymer Clay Beads/Headpins. I might just have to break down and get them for myself.
Rustic Polymer Clay Beads/Headpins from BeadsByEarthTones
For my geeky girl side, this image that includes each of the first and last lines of each Harry Potter book is just too awesome.
First and Last Lines: Harry Potter from Slow Robot

I suppose that's plenty enough Internet awesome for one Friday. I'll keep my eyes open for lots more! Have a happy day.


  1. Fun Hope!! I think this is such a fun idea! I can't wait to check out the Brother's Grimm photos~

    1. Jenna- I'm so glad you like this type of post. I hope you did see the rest of the Grimm photos. They are so beautiful. Thanks for swinging by!

  2. LOVE the Harry Potter mashups. What great fun!!

    1. Bobbie - I'm so glad you like that one. It really stuck out in my mind. :) Thanks.


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