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Before I start in about my menu, let me say that I had an exhausting but fulfilling weekend. I got to spend a majority of it with my nieces and a group of wonderful young ladies at the Birmingham Zoo. I got to watch this guy during most of my visit.

As well, I saw lots of pretty birds.
I love all the bright colors on this Lorikeet
These flamingos were more peach than pink and these three were involved in some kind of brawl
But, that was it for me and the animals as we had to be on the road to hear the Alabama v. Ole Miss game!! Roll tide!

Anyway, it's Monday once again and time for a new meal plan for the week.

Breakfasts: Oatmeal/grits, Juice, Yogurt w/granola & fruit, Waffles or pancakes from the freezer, Jam-filled almond muffins, Breakfast burritos

Lunches: Leftovers, PB&J, Tuna noodles, Chicken salad sandwiches, Cheese & mushroom calzones, Soup w/grilled cheese, Cheese pizza (from freezer)

Red lentil rice cakes w/roasted cauliflower & leftover orzo
Cheese ravioli in marinara w/salad


Recipe Review

From last week's menu
  • Black Bean and Cheese enchiladas with ranchero sauce: I've made quite a few black bean enchilada recipes since we started this low-meat thing. I think these were the best of the bunch. For one, I used whole wheat flour tortillas instead of corn. The ingredients in the tortillas were simple, though the ranchero sauce took up most of the time. However, I think it was worth that extra effort for sure! I will probably make these again.
  • Tuscan bean soup with shrimp: I'll admit that I was a little worried about how good this would be despite it being a Pioneer Woman recipe. I should know know never to worry about her recipes. It was wonderful and filling. I did use crushed tomatoes instead of diced as neither of us is big on chunky tomatoes in our soup. I froze what was left and may make this again.
  • Barefoot Contessa lemon chicken breast: This was pretty simple and definitely yummy. I used two large bone-in breasts as I couldn't find skin-on, boneless ones. It turned out fine. Even with only two breasts I had to cook these for almost 50 minutes. (Though I do admit that I know my oven cooks slower than others.) This recipe might just be repeated.
  • Parmesan basil orzo: I think Pat like this okay but I really, really loved it. It was a simple recipe that cooked while I took care of other things and it was divine. The touch of basil in it was inspired. I definitely will make this again.

Shop News

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I think that's plenty enough information for today. I apologize for getting carried away!


  1. What beautiful and colorful birds. The flamingos remind me of our days in Bermuda.

    1. Berry, Aren't they pretty!? Ooooh, Bermuda. That sounds nice too. :) I appreciate you popping by!

  2. Sounds like a really fun day! Spending time with your nieces in such a wonderful setting had to be fun (even if exhausting!). :)

    And I have to say I'm really taken by your Green Ladybird necklace. Very tempting.


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