Defining My Style: A work in progress

I've probably mentioned it more than either you or I care to admit, but I really struggle with defining my style. This fact NAGS at me all the time. Really, it's there. . .in my face. . .constantly. Yet, I've done hardly anything to remedy this issue.

That changed some this week. I don't know what snapped in me: the long suffering need to get this done; this post from Charlie at Clay Space on identifying your customer; the long process of editing pictures of pieces that I simply don't like; or divine intervention. However, there was an audible SNAP.

I removed a few items from my shop that I just didn't care for, I pulled some expired items from my "to be re-listed list" that aren't 'ME', and I made a new Etsy Banner that I think reflects me (or who I am, where I want to head right now) a little more.

I'm going to try to only list those items that I like, that I think my ideal customer would like, that I'm PROUD to say I made; and not the ones that make me cringe.

I've still got lots of thinking to do on this whole issue of what my style is, but this is the start. 

Here's something new in the shop as well. This definitely fits in with the direction I want to head.
Mountainside Necklace

Have you taken the time to think over these issues? How did it go for you? What other aspects do you think I should consider? Help!


  1. I understand completely. I'm still a work in progress in this area myself. I wish I had some magic words to share with you. My approach is if I keep working on pieces I love then my style will become defined.

  2. Honestly I don't have a 'style' per say. I just make what I like. I don't want to be tied to a certain look or style as I think that would bore me to death. If I don't like a piece I take it apart and start over until it gives me that 'yes that's it' feeling. Also, I don't make things for any sort of customer as I have customers of all ages, tastes and income. I know this is probably the wrong way to go about selling but so far it has not hurt me at all.

  3. I like the new banner, Hope! Making items that you like is very important.

  4. I still haven't figured what I want to be when I grow up. I love knotting and textiles yet wire has a very firm hold on me. Lately I have really been playing with blending gemmies with artisan beads and focals. Yeah I need to narrow down my focus.

  5. I can definitely say that style, and where I'm going with my style, is on my mind a whole lot. For the past few years I've really stepped back from making jewelry and focused on bead making… I have discovered more and more that making beads is what I love most and it's given me a chance to rework my style with what little jewelry I do create (mainly only for myself these days). I try to be very careful with bead and jewelry making, only making the designs that I truly love—I'm so much happier with the outcome now… and I cringe a whole lot less! I love seeing the direction you're headed—you go girl!! :-)

  6. While I love lots of different styles of jewelry that I see friends design, I think my personal style is classic. Not 'pearls and pink cardigan' classic, but rather, stream-lined, non-trendy type of style. I admire mixed media pieces, romantic pieces, and lush, over-the-top beadwoven pieces. But they are not what I create, and mostly, not what I wear, so I think that is what helps me to know what I will sell, if I can ever take that plunge and open a shop! Great question Hope!

    1. Shirley,
      It's great that you know your style and can explain it so precisely! That's kinda what I want to do too. Right now I feel like I'm going in so many directions and while that keeps me from getting bored, I feel rather scattered at times. My biggest issue is not being more selective and not editing what I made a little more. I just need to take a more analytical look at my pieces and decide if I actually LIKE each item. I went through my shop and realized there were several pieces that I just didn't like at all.
      I'm so pleased that you like my questions and kudos to you for being so self-sure!! :)


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