Clean Desk and the Leftover Hoard

I looked down at my craft desk this morning to see this awesomeness, I mean mess, BIG OLE MESS!
It was terrifying, and intimidating and something needed to be done.

I started with what was right in front of me, my little bench block and a bit of extra wire. So, I cleared the wire away by going ahead and just making some wire clasps.

As I unearthed the layers and layers of debris and supplies from my desk, I found even more leftover wire and bits of cord.

I can't bear to throw away these plentiful lengths of workable material. So, what do I do?
I stuff it in a jelly jar.
Yup. . .I'm a hoarder. Big time.

At some point I will sit down and make something from this treasure. I've even got a few ideas. Until then, I guess I'll keep it squirreled away.

But look. . . my desk is clean.

What do you do with those extra bits of wire and cord when a project is complete? Do you seriously toss them or are you skilled at only cutting off what you need? Do you save it like me? I'd love to know.

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  1. Bravo, you! I hate clearing my desk. I try to keep any lengthy-ish bits of wire and cord. I use the wire to make into eye pins and bails/loops on charms and pendants. I use the cord for price tags and attaching thank you beads to business cards. Hope you find a use for them, yourself! Nice new designs too!

  2. I don't have nearly as many different wires as you, but I keep most of them in zip locks and any bit of wire longer than 5 cm (that's like 2 inches) gets put back in the zip lock. Or if I'm in the mood I just use it all up to make jump rings. Love the necklace in the last photo!

    1. Ana, Yeah. . .I'm a little wire crazy. Shoot I've got way more hoarded than I may ever need. Nahhhhh. I need it ALL! ;) It's good to hear that you keeps yours too. I was worried that I have more of a problem than I thought. Whew! Thanks for backing me up on this!

  3. Oh my gosh...I keep every little bit than can be used again lol! If I throw the tiniest thing away you can bet I will need it sometime later.

    I use zip lock baggies a lot to keep my hoard visible. I do keep the same colored wire together in each bag and mark the baggies w/ 'silver' etc. If I can't 'see' something I probably won't get around to using it. ;)

    Btw, I love those clasps you made!

  4. Love that last necklace - what kind of stones are those? pretty!

  5. I started reading this because on my blogger reader I thought you put BIG OLE MISS! lol. But, nice clean up!!! I need to start doing that @ my place. Any time I do a "cleanout" I pretend like I'm moving and watch episodes of Hoarders to motivate me...but this time I am relocating (as you know) and wish I could get rid of things that would magically reappear later...DREADING IT!!!! You need to give me some of your motivation. :-)

    1. G, HA! At least now I know how to get your attention on my blog! I remember you telling me about the hoarder's thing. I can't imagine you getting rid of much. You got rid of so much before the last move. I think the only thing you have an abundance of is books. If I could pass on the motivation I would. I don't know what caused it though. . necessity perhaps! ;) Good luck and let me know when/if you need some help.

  6. It is a constant battle for me to keep my bead table clean! at the moment I have sari silk in every direction. sigh. But I do keep the bits and pieces! I use them for earrings .... if I can eek out enough of the left over. and no, I am not skilled at cutting off just what I need. Whenever I think I have I seem to come up short!

    1. Cynthia - I wonder if anyone actually ever cuts off just the right amount! I see the directions in the bead magazines and books and there are often exact lengths. It makes me ponder if they're guessing or what. Ooooohhh, extra bits for earrings is a fabulous idea. That's kinda what I'm working on right now too. . .earrings. Hmmmm, some of that wire may be finding a new home before you know it! Ha. Thanks :)

  7. What beautiful new pieces of jewelry! I especially love the necklace with the brass chain.
    Your studio looks amazing! My work space looks like your "before" picture and then some! I literally just work on the floor so the entire room is covered with beads, tools, jewlery and more beads. I try to work from the spool as much as possible when using wire. I do have a ton of wire bits and pieces and save them if they are long enough. I am a classic hoarder too!

  8. Hah - your post and hoarding behaviour feels uncannily familiar! We moved twice last year and I have many jars (in my case actually gladware), of scraps I'm planning to use later!!! :)


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