Sale Extended and My Meal Plan

Well the Shop Hop is over, but I've decided to extend the sale!
Through Dec 11th, you can continue to use the code:  
HOLIDAY 2011 for 15% everything in the CraftyHope Etsy Shop.

I regret to say that my laptop has been in the shop since Thursday and it contains all the info and pictures for new items, so there won't be any new listings until I get it back. However, since I didn't have that in from of me to distract me, I actually got quite a few items made the last couple days. Here's a sample of that.
Hopefully the new parts will come in soon and I can resume my regular routine. Pat's letting my borrow another computer for the time being, but it's really hard not being on my own. I may go into that a bit more tomorrow.

Fortunately, I was able to complete my menu since I had the format saved on a flash drive. Here's what we'll most likely be chowing down on this week.
Breakfasts: Banana bread, toast (w/various toppings), yogurt w/granola, cereal, cinnamon croissants, ham omelets, waffles

Lunches: leftovers, hot dogs w/tator tots, PB&J, pepperoni pizza puffs, soup w/grilled cheese, cheese quesidillas

Crispy honey lime tilapia w/corn & mac-n-cheese
Baked Parmesan spaghetti (subbing ground turkey for the beef) w/salad
Fancy macaroni (w/sausage) w/green beans
Crockpot chicken w/sweet potato casserole & mixed veggies

There are more great meal plan ideas for Meal Plan Monday over at I'm an Organizing Junkie.
(And, of course just as I finish typing this all out do I realize that I won't be home most of the weekend, so you'll be seeing several of these meals again next week. . .oops!)

Even though the Shop Hop has ended, I realized this morning that a pair of my earrings were included in a treasury that contained items from some of the participating shops. The earrings of mine included have already sold, but there are plenty of other beauties to behold in this treasury.

Before I go, I did place four items on sale today that I want to share with you.
Clouds Dripping Earrings
Garden Enchantment Necklace
Float On Necklace
Magic Stirs Bracelet
 Don't forget to use coupon code HOLIDAY2011 for 15% off!!

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