My Christmas List (part 2)

I'm still working my way through the Challenge of Color blogs, but couldn't wait to share another Christmas list with you (and my husband).

This list is more centered on beads that I would love to find under the (still non-existent) tree or in my stocking. To compile this list I went through my favorites on Etsy as well as through my bookmarked links. I know I'm leaving off a TON of wonderful artists, but I made this list by what each favorite currently had in stock and what I would want. If I left anyone off, please let me know in the comments!

For this list, I'm linking to both the shop home as well as the item(s) that I like the most. So, in no particular order here's list number two!


Handmade Flower Burst Copper 3 hole oval Drops

Woodland Shore - Bird Bead Set

Pennant Pendant Set
Off to Sea Pendant

Early Fall/Ceramic Acorn and Leaf Charm and Bead Set

Little Fox Bead - Sleepy Woodland Critters

Tiny Hot Cocoa Disk Beads
Falling Leaves Cuff Connector - Teal

Yellow Cobalt Blue and Black small recycled glass and stoneware clay pendant, charm, or earring set
Soft and Sweet Double loop Pendant Stoneware clay and Recycled glass

Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads - Autumn Organics

Lampwork Glass pairs/ green sparkle and ivory glass

Glass Enameled Earrings in Iris Purple

Now, for Pat's benefit. . .I don't have to have ALL of the items on both lists, this is just a sampling of some gifts from which you can choose. As well, on THIS list, if something is sold out. . .take a look around their shop. They may have listed something even BETTER!!

In addition to the specific beads I've shown, some of these artists do offer Gift Certificates for their shops. That would be a great option also.

One last option in regards to gift certificates are my favorite local shops:

If you haven't done so yet, let me know what's on your list. And, like I said above. . I know I've left some artists off. Leave a comment letting me know who I left off (even if it's YOU) and a link to the shop(s) I've forgotten. The holidays make me Crazy-forgetful like that!!


  1. Ohhh, I'd take any or all of these and be very happy!

    I love, love, love Melinda Orrs metal components, as well as MissFicklemedia--just off the top of my head.

  2. Hope! I popped over to your blog and found such a wonderful surprise!!! Thank you so much for including my glass enameled beads on your Christmas list!! I hope Santa brings you everything you are wishing for and more!!

  3. I have never heard of Tree Wings Studios until I saw your post... GIVE ME THAT FOX and about 50 more of her cute animal beads. I LOVE them!!!

  4. HO, HO, HO... Hope I want what is on this list, tell Pat to get two of each please LOL just kidding! I like how at the end you have a paragraph explaining to Pat how this wish list thing can work.
    I need to get my list together and maybe someone in my family will feel up to getting something off of my list.
    Have a great day!

  5. LadyN- Yes! I don't remember where I saw her stuff first, but I definitely had a hard time picking the fox over some of the other cuties she's got. I'm so glad you discovered something new!

  6. So if your stocking gets too full, I'd be happy to take the excess off your hands...yep, I'm nothing if not helpful ;-) That's a yummy list of goodies you've built there!

  7. All fabulous finds Hope! I'm so thrilled to see my little fox here... thanks for sharing!

    I hope you get everything you're wishing for this Christmas! :-)

  8. I hope Santa's good to you this year because I really want to see what you can do with some of those gorgeous finds.
    This is my treasury of beads I want:
    It had more on it, but I guess they've been sold.

  9. Oh Wow! I dont' even need coffee this morning. This is truly some knockout eye candy. Yum - E. Good luck on getting your wish list filled:)

  10. These are all incredible and I'm in agreement with you that they'd all make lovely gifts!! I only want one,...well maybe two,..of everything I see here today!! :)

  11. Jenna- a TREASURY!! Why did I not think of that? All mine are on Etsy too, it would have so easy. I might have to go back and make then into a treasury when I get my laptop back (it's in the shop) and am not trying to work off my iPad. Thank you for the wonderful idea. And, your treasury is great. I've now added a few of those shops to favorites! Very cool.

  12. Oooh, Hope... such goodies! I am in love with everything on your list... hmm what would I add? More of Marsha Neal's silks...
    or perhaps some tiles from JLynn Jewels
    or Skye Jewels...
    love them both to pieces... OH and some Fallen Angel Brass, because we all know how much I love them...
    Yes... my Christmas wish list is long... and hey... if you want something pretty already made, feel free to drop in my shop ;)

  13. Ooh, nice choices! I couldn't disagree with any one of them. Note to self - make my wish list. :)


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