My Christmas List (part one)

I told Pat that I wanted some crafty gifts for Christmas. See, for my birthday I had him just give me some money to go clothes shopping even though he pressed me to let him know what craft supplies I might want instead. So, I'm sticking to it for Christmas.
For his sake, and just for fun I'll be sharing my lists. This first list is of the tools and supplies I want.
Most of these are items that I just haven't picked up for myself for various reasons. Many are just an idea and not the exact model, though some are one of a kind. Let me go ahead and say that most of the links are to Beadaholique because that might make it easier for him to order if all of the items are in one spot. If you know of better deals or other retailers of these items, please let me know in the comments. Please!

Here we go!

Top Ten Jewelry Supplies I want for Christmas
Renaissance Wax

Liver of Sulfur

I would like a texture hammer or two. These two are great options
Eurotool Hammer Checkered/Wide Stripe
Eurotool Hammer Dimples/Narrow Stripe
Of course, there's this one also that looks like a deal.
Eurotool Hammer with Nine Faces

Light Tent Photo Cube

A NICE set of pliers

Gilders Paste (in almost any of the colors)

Euro-Punch Pliers

Sari Silk from Designtalentedone

I already have some of this, but can always use MORE
ICE Resin

Enamel Kit from Painting with Fire

So, that's my starting list. I know there are probably plenty more items I'm forgetting. I'll be doing a list of beads and other bits that I want later in the week. Stay tuned!
Again, if you have any suggestions of items I've forgotten, items you want that I might NEED to know about, or other retailers that have similar items; don't hesitate to let me know in the comments!


  1. A great list! I have a few of these things already, but my wish list is very long:

    Torch-Fired Kit,texture hammers, chasing hammer, circle punch, stamps, stamping blanks, patina of any kind, and a large list of books. And that's just the beginning...

    I hope your hubby checks out your list here.

  2. oohhh what a great list.... I hope you get whats on it....

  3. I received the photo light box (and lights) for Christmas one year and I use it every day. That's definitely one of my all time favorite gifts.

    I also have the hole punch pliers. When I bought them, I didn't think I'd use them much, but sometimes having a tool like that just opens up a world of possibilities. I like punching holes in all sorts of stuff now!

  4. Looks like the start of a very nice wish list Hope.

  5. this is a fabulous list..i need all of this.

  6. This is a great list, Hope! I will have to share this!

  7. Yup, all would be on my list too! The Painting With Fire kit is a number 1.


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