Finding What's Lost

Wow, Wednesday was full of a whole bunch of FAIL.
Besides not really having anything on the craft desk, I didn't accomplish much of anything at all. It was a weird day.
To make up for it, I tried to focus my energies and get some tasks accomplished yesterday. Mainly, I worked on editing photos and writing descriptions.
Since I did get a few things done, and I had birthday money still burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to slip out to the thrift store.
In all honesty, I was looking for some more clothes but this is what came home under my arm.

It was a STEAL

I had to open the big bag in the floor to make sure the contents didn't go rolling off my desk! Here's just SOME of the treasures inside the big-ole-bag.
Loose buttons
Boxes of buttons
Sheets of plastic canvas
Button cards
There was all kinds of miscellanea in the big bag as well. Some of it was saved, some of it went in my "donate" box.
Even with such a huge score and some minimal work yesterday I'm still lacking a sense of accomplishment. My house is a wreck, I've made NOTHING this week, and I still can't find the motivation to do either of them (though I've checked all my pockets, and the motivation is just not there!) Sitting here complaining about it isn't going to do anything. So. . .let me go look under the bed while you check out the newly re-listed item and sale item in the shop.

Fading Light Necklace

On sale
Fly High Necklace

Here's hoping your motivation's not hiding from you!
OH, and 


  1. Hope, maybe you just need a TLC day to get your batteries recharged. Maybe have a nice bath, paint your toes, try so clothes on and mix up your wardrobe. Take care!!

  2. sometimes you just need to take a week off to be fresh for the next wave of inspiration :-) GOOD SCORE at the thrift shop!!!

  3. Some days are like that, aren't they? Sometimes I think its a sign that we need slow down and have a day free of obligations and chores.

    What a great score at the thrift shop!

  4. I love all the buttons!! And, I'm not motivated today either and I have a jewelry party tomorrow morning at my sis's house and am not anywhere near ready, I'd best get that way!

  5. Now that looks like a real SCORE!

    You should get plenty of motivation for all that goodness :>

  6. Love your haul! And yep, my whole week has been one of spinning the unproductive wheels...can't find the productive ones to save my life! LOL ;)

  7. Shel - I really lucked up with finding those buttons! I think the weather must have something to do with sucking those creative urges out of us. Best of luck on the party tomorrow!!

    ThoughtfulHands - It really was a great score. However, the motivation is still not there. I might pull out some of the buttons to play with. But I'm thinking a trip to the bookstore might also help. Hmmmmm. Thanks so much for popping in!

  8. Button, button, who's got the button? Why Hope does! Great find you are a true thrifty shopper! I was going to suggest that you get a good book and just take a break and your Muse will come back wanting to play again.

  9. Ok, you totally hit the jackpot on the buttons. I adore old buttons, interesting colors, textures, just buttons in general. So, I'm gonna give you an idea to play with. Have no idea if it will work, and I've never done it before. Cut that plastic canvas into some shapes. Hearts, open circles, whatever. Then wire, stitch or whatever comes to mind some of the buttons onto it. Let's see if something pretty comes out of it! :)

  10. I love all the buttons!! And, I'm not motivated today either and I have a jewelry party tomorrow morning at my sis's house and am not anywhere near ready, I'd best get that way!

  11. My motivation is missing too! Me thinks there's a robber on the loose! =D

    Congrats on the awesome thrift store find . . . oh the fun you're going to have with those buttons!

  12. CZ Jewelry,
    Yes, the buttons are GREAT!
    Best of luck on the jewelry party!

  13. OMG the buttons!!! What a find - someone brought me a huge box of seam binding - I couldn't believe my luck!


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