The Holidays are Coming

I reiterated to my husband the other day about how I prefer to have a live Christmas Tree because they're going to be cut down anyway, and I don't want the trees to not fulfill their purpose in life. This is the conversation that ensued.

ME: When a tree doesn't get a home, I bet the ones that do probably make fun of them for not getting decorated and are all "OMG, you're NEKKID"

HIM: Nah, they're probably just too cool for decorations. You know, they don't like to conform to Christmas tree society standards. Or, they could be allergic to tinsel.

Me: Maybe they grow awkwardly on purpose so they won't get picked. They tell the other trees, "Yeah, I didn't grow any needles on this side intentionally."

HIM: Sure, and they're all "See my funky long arm over here, I MEANT to do that."

Me: Right, they also might be afraid of what kind of home they get put in. You know, they could be afraid of cats getting all up in their branches.

Him: AND, there's the whole being strung with electricity to consider.

Me: Absolutely, they might catch on fire.

Him: Or they could be Jewish. . .

So, now I'm not sure if I'll be getting a tree or not. You know, because I don't want to disregard their religious beliefs, or fears, or allergies, or coolness. Heck, they might even be part of an "Occupy Christmas Tree Lot Movement".

Anyway. . .
While I've brought up the holidays I do want to remind you that I'll be participating in the Holiday Shop Hop 2011 hosted by Shel of MiShel Designs. The hop will be on December 3rd and 4th.

Some of the shops participating will be offering discounts in their stores especially for those who come by as part of the shop hop. I'll be one of those. SO! Mark you calendars and hop by either my or Shel's blogs that weekend for the complete list of participants!

That is all. Carry on.


  1. You guys sound so funny! Wonder if you WILL get real tree or not. I like the idea of them, but hate the mess!
    Every year I say I am going to do something arty instead...and every year the kids! make me put up the tree...I just want some painted twigs or something!!

  2. That is hilarious!
    We used to have a live tree at Christmas, I loved the smell.
    But since adopting the fur-kids many years ago, I've had to settle for a small table top version, since the only available space for the tree is occupied by the dog beds. And they did NOT take kindly to being evicted when I set up the tree for the first time after getting them. LOL!

  3. Hope, you and your hubby are very funny. Well whatever type of tree you have, I wish you a joyous Holiday Season. I will be hopping on the 3rd and 4th.

  4. Too funny! Buy a live palm tree and decorate matter what their beliefs, palms always dig a party.


  5. Pezz- You know the kind of conversations we have. This one wasn't word-for-word because by the time I could get it typed up, I had forgotten some of the subtleties of the actual conversation.
    A live palm would be great if I knew I could keep it alive. I don't do well with plants. I'm surprised the succulents I got last month are still hanging in there.
    Hmmmmmm, but it would be pretty. Is Christmas Eve on a Friday ;)

  6. Oh - I laughed my butt off at this post/conversation!! sounds like something that would take place in our house! And thanks for posting about the Holiday Shop Hop - it should be fun!

  7. Shel- I'm so glad you found it amusing. I was hoping someone would! I figured conversations like this go on all over the place, but it was one of those where I was CRYING I was laughing so hard.

    You are quite welcome! I can't wait.


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