Too Many Ideas Often Leads to Low Productivity (for me)

My mind is spinning this morning.
I have so many ideas, so many tasks I want to accomplish, so many directions I want to take. The problem is, when I have this many options I tend to avoid ALL of them and do something else entirely. Yeah, I can be scattered like that.
This picture has nothing to do with the blog post, I just like it! :)

So, what are these options that have me so bewildered? Well, if you must ask. . .
** I want to do another giveaway, but first I need to finish making the item(s) to give away.
** I need some more pictures for this blog
** I have some thrifty purchases and revamps that I want to highlight here
** There are some designs in my head that I want to play around with
** NINE of the items in my shop will be expiring at the end of the month, and I don't know how I want to handle that. . mark down? renew? try another venue?
** I need to take some more pictures of the items I do have completed
** My feed reader is out of control
** There are so many more that it's pointless to waste time and list them all here

Now. . . where do I start? I want to take pictures, create, write blog posts, research options, etc. My typical response to having to make a directional decision is to go shopping. Yep, avoidance!!! But. . . I think I'm going to face the music today and really try to bust out the work.

I guess that means I need to finish up this blog post in a hurry.
Let's see. . .since I blogged last, I listed two new items in the shop
Zebra of a Different Color Earrings
Bright Beauty Necklace

*~Crafty Links~*
The 'theme' for today is JEWELRY!!!
  • Craft Gossip's Needlework section shares some images of Smocked necklaces. I know nothing about smocking, but these are definitely inspiring!
  • The folks at Whip Up have a fab tutorial on making a layered felt flower brooch. The possibilities with this are endless!
  • If you've been hanging here long enough, you know how much I love to incorporate buttons into my jewelry. This layered button necklace as shared by Martha Stewart's niece is pretty cool too.
  • While I don't buy fabric for sewing, I do buy it for trying out projects like this one. Intended as a way to recycle fabric scraps, these braided necklaces are just too cute for me to wait for SCRAPS!! I don't sew near enough for that!
Before I head out, here's some fun stuff for your Friday!
  • Check out this funny church sign. Oh, it's not the message that's funny, it's the name of the church!
  • As a student of psychology, I love this comic that makes fun of Pavlov.
  • Lastly is this video. I like movies where dancing is involved (at least older ones: Footloose, Dirty Dancing, old musicals, etc. . not the Step it Ups of today) In any case, this video is pretty rad!
Time to hop on that to do list like it's a grenade!
Happy Friday ALL!!

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