Sleepy Hope Doesn't Equal Crafty Hope

So far this stint with the nieces has been exhausting. And, it's not even them that has me so tired. I just couldn't sleep last night. I might just pass out in a bit. . .maybe . . .hopefully. I did take a short nap this afternoon and that energized me, briefly. The girls have been exceptionally good (minus a few small, tiny, minuscule outbursts. . . of course as I try to write this, they are both popping out of bed like toast in a toaster.. ON FIRE!!!)

While I just couldn't get into the groove of creating anything today, I TRIED. . .I really did. I pulled out collage materials, beads, buttons, and wire throughout the day and nothing seemed to stimulate that creative nerve. Instead, I wrote the descriptions for the jewelry pieces I have completed and even listed TWO pieces. These:
Rosy Glow Bracelet
Breathe Luxury Necklace
Pretty huh?
S'alright, I need to go threaten two girls with their lives as I can still hear them TRYING to whisper to each other. G'night!


  1. LOL!!! I have 4 boys which is really why I never get anything done. My brain is so over stimulated that it takes me half the day while they are at school to "retune" it. or I am up at night to take advantage of the peace and quiet and then pooped in the morning. You do get used to operating on no sleep - especially after you have newborns.

  2. I remember the lack of sleep I got in college and was able to function. THAT'S how the week felt to me. I couldn't imagine having a newborn thrown into that mix. The girls are old enough to handle some things for themselves (bathing, feeding themselves, etc.) I'm not sure how pleasant I would be if I had to care for another person. You must be a SAINT!


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