Full Weekend (MMSM)

I'm so excited to be posting today from my new computer - I waited all day to do it so I could play with some photos I took over the weekend. As such, this post is a bit picture heavy.

Let's start with a short weekend review.
Friday was a typical Margarita Friday except on the way out the door I decided to try my hand at the claw game. I was aiming for some sort of blue teddy bear, and instead ended up with this.
LOML immediately claimed it as his own as he's a Taurus. He was just as excited as a five-year-old about the dang thing. I thought it was hilarious. (Oh, pardon the mess in the picture - he's keeping it in his office and it's not quite clean in there yet.)

Saturday was a fun afternoon with friends at the Gulf. We took a boat ride, hung out at the beach house they rented for Spring Break, and grilled some burgers before heading home.

Sunday was Easter, of course. While my mom cooked dinner, the nieces and I explored outside and I played with the new (several weeks old) camera. They got into the honeysuckle and I got a few good shots.I got to hide the Easter eggs for the kids at my mom's. It's my favorite part of the day. It makes me feel special to be able to do that for them. I was even a little stingy about letting anyone else do it. I think that comes from not having kids of my own. Getting the opportunity to participate in special holiday activities makes me feel more a part of their lives and the holiday. And, in true Hope-fashion, I sustained an egg-hiding injury. I dropped and egg and bent down to pick it up without noticing the bamboo shoot sticking up. I leaned right into it and just about took out my eye on it. There was no serious damage just several scrapes on my eyelid and below my eye. Leave it to me to get hurt while hiding eggs.

During all the running around we did, LOML and I were relieved that we had a clean house and yard to come home to. Instead of feeling like we were running away or escaping from some kind of responsibility, we were able to actually enjoy ourselves with a clean conscience. Take a look at what we were dealing with outside before.And after - what a relief.And now, for your "Made Me Smile Monday" pleasure:

Can you tell which pictures were from the new (good) camera and which ones were from the older point and shoot?

I hope your weekend went well also (minus egg injuries)!


  1. First, GREAT pictures! Glad you are enjoying your new laptop!

    Second, you have to teach me how to get a stuffed animal in those claw games...I have NEVER been successful and have tried numerous times!

    Third, I am super jealous about your boat ride. Did you dress up and drink Santana Champagne because it is so crisp? Or, did you just wear your flippy floppies?? :-)

  2. As far as the stuffed animal - that was pure luck. I was trying to get something completely different and the stupid orange bull got hooked.

    Boat ride (LOL!!) - corona and lime with flippy floppies.


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