Reveal for April's Honey Do List

We're on vacation this week. It's really a staycation because we have loads to do around here and enjoy our area. So, we're not going too far from home. As such, I'll likely still be creating almost daily and trying to share on social media too (hence this post).  As of late, I've been on a real kick of combining tin shapes with thick-gauge wire and other little tidbits. And, this is totally the fault of the Honey Do List Challenge from Sarajo and Eric of SJ Designs Jewelry. 

The inspiration photo (above) from Eric this month really struck a chord with me in terms of how pretty it is. But, I struggled to come up with jewelry inspired by it. Finally, I made myself look hard at it and decide what it was that appealed to me. I realized that I was drawn to the patina and age of the sun as well as the golden yellow hue running from it. All of a sudden, I had an idea, or at least something new to try.

I found the teal discs already cut out in my stash. From there, I used a texture hammer, a sanding block, and Novacan black patina* to give the tin some age. Then, the wire was shaped, and I added embroidery floss fringe in a striking mustard gold. (Something about the little golden tassels reminds me that it's also graduation season.)

I'm absolutely smitten with these earrings and even wore them the whole rest of the day after I made them.

And, they got me wondering about other takes on this idea. So, I cut more tin, shaped more blackened steel wire, and wrapped beads along the wire.


Needing to make more, I turned to my copper wire for a different look. And, I decided to try dangling beads from the tin.

I had two small snippets of that copper wire left on the desk that were mocking me, so they became stems that are riveted onto a couple of tiny mushroom caps.

And now, I want to make a whole line of earrings (and maybe pendants) that combine tin, wire, and who knows what else (probably more beads.) All this snowballed from one inspiration photo. Granted, only the first one has anything to do with the inspiration, but the rest wouldn't have happened without that photo. So, I'm sending a big THANK YOU to Sarajo and Eric for the inspiration. As well, I encourage you to head over to SJ Designs Jewelry to see what Sarajo and the other artists made! Maybe you'll get inspired too! Now, it's back to "vacationing" for me.

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  1. Oh, I love the fringe earrings and the ones with the dangles but all the interpretations are spot on. I love what you do with the tin!

  2. Wow! So much creativity here! Seeing your posts always makes me want to play with the tin I have. I would argue with you that most of your earrings relate back to the inspiration... that second pair has tin that is reminiscent of a sunburst and the yellow beads below for the staining. The 3rd pair has some of the colors of the patina of the sun and again the copper can be seen as mimicking the staining. :) And those little mushrooms are just so stinking adorable!!! I'm so glad that our little challenge inspired you to make so many fabulous creations!

    1. Aw, thank you! You should definitely pull out that tin. I find it to be such a versatile product as it you cut it, shape it, age it, bend it, paint it, and really make it your own. Thank you to you and Eric again for the inspiration. It led me down an unexpected path and I LOVE IT here. Thanks 😄😁

  3. Its great that you were develop to develop a single inspiration into line of earrings. I would love to see how you extend it.

    1. I absolutely want to make more in a similar style, but it will be another week or so before I can explore it further as I'm leaving to visit family for a few days. But, I may begin to brainstorm on the long car ride!


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