Jesse James Beads (April 2022)

Have I mentioned that I was selected to be a Jesse James Beads Design Ambassador? (#JJBAmbassador)

 It was a simple enough process to fill out the form on their website and then wait for the news. After that, I sat on pins and needles to see what they would send me to play with for April. You can watch my Unboxing Video for the unveiling of the above beauties. 

From there, I set to moving the beads and chain around on my desk. Almost immediately, I was ready to create. First, I came up with a pair of simple earrings made with some wire that framed several of the beads. 

I shared the process of making these in a DIY Bead and Wire Earring Tutorial on YouTube. 

Then, working with both the beads Jesse James sent me and some I bought from them, these little beauties just fell together. 
To see how these were made, you can watch the reel I made on Instagram

After that, I turned off the cameras and just set to work creating a bounty of jewelry. 

I really wanted to play with that gunmetal contemporary chain. So I combined it with a few of the beads from the Sunset Goddess mix and created this bracelet.

Most of the beads I received from Jesse James Beads came in even numbers, making them perfect for earrings. So, I HAD to create several more pairs. First were these that also used a few links of some chain I purchased from them.

And, I had to see how well they worked with a few snippets of tin. 

Then, the gunmetal chain drew my eye again!

Finally, I combined some of the beads they sent with some of the beads and chain I bought to create this lovely, delicate butterfly necklace. 

All around, I'm ticked with the results and how fun it is to create with Jesse James Beads. I'm hoping they want to continue to work with me as a Design Ambassador and can't wait to see what they send next to inspire me! Keep your eyes peeled for more.


  1. Wow! thats great news. I hope you get lots of sparkly goodies to play with.

    1. Thanks, Divya! This first package was a lot of fun. Hopefully, they'll keep me on. It's a on a month-by-month basis so I just have to keep up!

  2. I think my favorite is the first pair of earrings; I love the combination of bright beads and dark wire.

  3. I hope they know better than lose you :) Fantastic creations with beautiful components, I was wondering about the chain but you have managed to use it in two very unique ways, love both the bracelet and asymmetric earrings :)


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