Make Your Own Beaded Suncatcher

 As a Jesse James Beads Design Ambassador, I received one of the Secret Stash Boxes this month. And, it was PACKED with beautiful beads, pendants, and findings. One of the pieces in there was a large crystal that I thought might be too heavy for a pendant. It got my wheels turning as to what else that beauty could become. It didn't take long for me to settle on using it to create a suncatcher for a window in my sunroom.

And, it took even less time to pull it together. Really, the hard part was deciding what beads to include with it. 

All of the beads included in this project came from my own Secret Stash Box. But, who knows what could be in yours. Each box is different, but all of the pieces are curated to go together. It's such a FUN surprise.

Anyway, back to the suncatcher. Once I decided on the beads, I used fishing line, crimp beads, and a fishing swivel to complete it. You can watch my whole process in my Easy Handmade Beaded Suncatcher video.

I do mention in the video that you can create the suncatcher without the swivel, but I like to include it because it allows it to spin in the light more easily. 

It has brought a smile to my face every time I see it.

And, really, even if you don't have a big crystal from Jesse James Beads, you could use all kinds of things to create a fun hanging decoration with this technique. Tell me, what will you string up in your window?

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  1. These large crystals make a huge difference for light refraction :) Suncatchers are fun projects and yours is beautiful!


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