YouTube Subscriber Giveaway

I reached a small milestone on the CraftyHope YouTube Channel and now have over 2,000 subscribers. To celebrate and thank those who have decided to watch my videos, I'm having a little bit of a giveaway!!

Pictured above is some of what I'll be sending out to the winner. 

There are several hand-carved stamps.

Old photos, paper scraps, and bits of fabric from my own stash were thrown in.

And, I created this pocketful of paper ephemera. 
(I'm actually going to start offering ephemera and paper packs in the Etsy Shop before too long, and this is the first iteration of those.) 

The winner also gets to pick out a couple of my ICADs to have as their very own.

Since this is a YouTube giveaway, I've got a whole video showing the prizes and going over the guidelines for entering.

Make sure you head over to the 2,000 Subscriber Giveaway video to watch, subscribe, and enter there! If you're already subscribed, Thank you.
And, Good Luck!

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