Thrifty Thursday - July Thrifty Haul

As a treasure hunter of sorts, I've always got my eyes trained for the unexpected and special. And, what's more special than a good bargain? Each month, I like to share the steals and deals I found in the previous month. Let me tell you, this is a GOOD ONE! (I may have said that last month too, but I'm not teasing about either of them.) I found some fabulous items at a yard sale held by local artist friends. Take a look.

The husband was purging most of the supplies he had collected for his Steampunk artistry. I hate that I couldn't take more than I did. But here's a sample of what I did pick up.

And, here's the rest of it.

My July Thrifty Haul video gives you a better look at most of these pieces as well as a look at what I bought from the Dollar Tree on one trip.

And, that's really all the thrifty bits I picked up in July. I honestly did try to find more. But, it was a busy month with other commitments and activities so that thrifting wasn't at the forefront. 
Tell me, have you scored any great deals lately?

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