August Challenges and Inspirations

I feel like the only things I've accomplished lately have been driven by art challenges. And, I can't decide if that's good or bad. But, producing art is still producing art, so I'll keep diving into the challenges as long as I can find them! Here's what I've discovered for this month.

  • The August Art Elements Theme Challenge is Turtles. This challenge is open to any medium and you can submit your designs in the Art Elements Community on Facebook throughout the month.
  • Over on the Halcraft Collection, you can find their August Pretty Palette that is a pretty summery mix of colors that they're calling Cicada Symphony. You'll also find all the details about the jewelry challenge there too. 
  • Three days ago, a quick two-week challenge began that you can hop on into at any time. It's The Ugly Art Club's Five Minute Challenge that's happening over on Instagram. The challenge is to be creative for just five minutes each day, take a picture of what you created  (even if it's not done), and use the hashtag #tuac5minchallenge so we can all support and find each other. Most of the art being created is mixed media art journaling, but the hosts have made it clear that it can be any medium!
  • Also on Instagram is the Seek Gather Create Challenge from @LisaGoddardArt, @TinaHoisArt, @MixedMediaMagpie, and @LauraDennison. It's a mixed media scavenger hunt challenge in which each Sunday, the hosts share a list of four items for you to find and work into a piece of mixed media art. The second list was just announced, and you can find more examples of what artists have made with the hashtag #SeekGatherCreate. This is a weekly challenge. 
And, those are all the challenges I'm aware of at the moment. I will add to the list any new challenges I find, so check back to see what's been added (if any). Don't hesitate to let me know if you know of any I may have missed. 

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