Peek at My Week (Aug. 18-24)

Another week of living and learning. And, somehow we're nearing the end of August. Is this year absolutely slipping by, or is it just me?
It was a beautiful day on Sunday, and we wanted to be outside. Friends came by for swimming and grilling and brought their baby squirrel. He was rescued after his mother was killed, and they're taking care of him until he's old enough to do so himself. Since he has to be fed every several hours, they brought him over in a carrier. Isn't he cute?

In addition to admiring the squirrel, we enjoyed homemade guacamole poolside before the rest of the food was ready.

Monday was a big day as our oldest niece (the one that's currently living with us) had her first day of college. Once she was off to classes, I spent the day with errands and Zoe went to the vet for a few issues to be checked out.

I packed in as much on Tuesday as I could. Even the appliances were working overtime! I made rice for fried rice later in the week (it has to be leftover/cold or it's no good) and made use of a chicken carcass for stock.

When I had a chance, I ran up to Southern Antiques and Accents to straighten up the booth before Ladies Night. 

Zoe and I enjoyed a brief walk around the property after a rain shower, and I couldn't help but admire the flowers. These hydrangeas almost look rusted. So cool!

After hitting up Ladies Night real quick, I made a quick, invented meal that we're calling Tat-chos. (In reality, I found several recipes for them online.) It's just tater tots, topped with cheese and taco soup (chili) I could see also adding sour cream and avocados to them - or whatever else you like to top chili-cheese nachos. They were GOOOOOD!

My grandmother had an appointment on Wednesday, so it was a short morning for me before I needed to leave the house. I did put a few touches on an art journal page before running out the door to pick her up and spend the day in Mobile. 

I also got to spend time with this silly niece (and her baby kitty) later in the evening.

Thursday was a fantastic day!
Once I finished some chores, I headed to Serda's Coffee to get a little work done away from the house. It's always nice to break out of the routine. 

We had a game night planned with friends but first met them for dinner at Dragonfly Foodbar. After dinner, they had to run an errand before we met them back at their house. So, I convinced Pat to drive us down to the Bay to enjoy the sunset. I wasn't disappointed. 

I'm not sure how many pictures I took in all, but not one of them is bad. We then had a great time learning to play Settlers of Catan

Friday was less fun as I spent the majority of the day cleaning the house. Once that was done, I made sure to set my sights on figuring out what I wanted to make for the SJ Honey Do List reveal. I was pushing it since the reveal is tomorrow!! 

No worries, I did finally work something out, but it took a lot of supplies!  I played in the craft room for most of the morning before Pat and I had a late lunch at a new place. 

Over lunch, I told Pat about a weird mushroom I had spotted, and he shared where he had seen some interesting ones too. That meant I went on a bit of a mushroom hunt when we got back to the house.

In the process, I spotted this tiny guy in the grass. Look at his antenna!!

Oh, and college football started on Saturday. I was thrilled to watch some College GameDay in the morning and finish the day with a college football game. Granted, my team doesn't play until next weekend, but it was awesome to get to gear up for it like that. 

How about a little inspiration from elsewhere?

  • I'm personally don't need any NEW hobbies (I have plenty), but Lifehacker shared tips on How to Explore a New Hobby without Breaking the Bank
  • You must know I love recycling and looking for ways to reuse materials, so when Lisa Yang shared how to Make Jewelry Displays from Boxes, she had my attention. 
  • While I'm enjoying the time in our pool, I know lots of people are ready for Fall, particularly Halloween, to get here. If you're one of those people, The Graphics Fairy has begun sharing some of their free printables perfect for gearing up for spooky crafts. Here are her Black Cat printables. 
  • Embroidery always catches my eye. These tiny pins from Irem Yaziki are miniature wonders!
  • I've seen loads of bracelets with sliding knots but have never considered using them on a necklace. Rings and Things has changed that with this Sliding Knot Necklace Cord DIY
  • Who doesn't like an inspirational book? My Modern Met shares 10 Art Books to Nourish Your Creative Soul. I know I saved this list for later. 
  • And, if books aren't your thing, My Modern Met also has a list of 6 Inspirational Documentaries about Artists. Let me know if you're able to find these on any streaming services, I haven't looked yet. 
I hope you find inspiration every day this coming week. And, please, share with me what's inspiring you! Have a wonderful week. 


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