Crafty Hope at Southern Antiques and Accents

I had intended to post this on Tuesday before Ladies Night, but the day got away from me somehow. Though the event has passed, there's no reason you shouldn't get to see my booth. It's still there at Southern Antiques and Accents on Greeno Road, open every day.
The store is nestled along one side of the L-shaped shopping center that used to house Fairhope's bowling alley and skating rink. This is definitely much more my style!

Next to the entrance, there's a board announcing when the next Ladies Night will be. It's usually the third Tuesday of each month. Mark your calendar! For those two hours each month, everything in the store is 10% off. And, many of the vendors have additional sales in their booths also. There's also live music, drinks, and snacks. It's a whole deal!

Once you enter the store, you'll walk up a short ramp of sorts toward the counter. Along the left side of that ramp is a row of shelves. My booth is the last one. Easy!!

As I mentioned the last time I shared the booth, I've reorganized most of the shelves by the materials used to make pieces.

Since tin is my current obsession, it's probably my most favorite of the categories. 

But each shelf does contain unique treasures, handmade with unusual and fun materials.

I even have a Sale shelf on the bottom. You'll find some real deals there.

If you're a regular around my blog, you likely recognize some of the pieces from jewelry challenges.

There are also a few things you may have never seen before either. Can you see the wired bangles next to the example tin? I love those!

If you happen to be in the Fairhope area (and you really should be!), make sure to stop by Southern Antiques and Accents (behind the Pizza Hut) to check out my booth and all the other fabulousness.


  1. Your displays look great Hope! I will check out your booth next time I'm in Fairhope!

  2. I love that Antique store and remember when it was a bowling alley. It's always fun to look for your booth. I think your new location is great!

    1. Leslie Anne, I never saw it as a bowling alley/skating rink, but my husband has loads of fond memories of the place back when. It's funny that I have a booth there, and he has a studio in the Art Center next door to it. I'm so glad you like the location and have been checking out my booth. Yay! Thanks so much :)


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