My Art Journaling Journey Continues

To keep my creative juices flowing and stay inspired, I participate in a variety of crafty mediums. One of my favorites is art journaling because there aren't any rules or particular skills required. Your art journal can be for you and you alone or can be shared any way you wish.  It's fun to spread paint, glue down paper scraps, scribble away, and pour out your emotions and experimentations on a page. I shared some of my art journaling videos with you last month, so I thought I'd let that trend continue and share some of the other videos I created showing my art journaling processes. The pictures show my completed pages, but clicking the links will take you to their videos. 
Boys Will Be Boys Art Journal Page

Inspired by Our Mixed Media Moods

Small Junk Journal Page 1

Small Junk Journal Page 2

Small Junk Journal 4

Small Junk Journal Page 5

Small Junk Journal Page 6

As you can likely tell, I started a series within a small junk journal I made. Though, I do have a few other art journal videos in the works too.  Make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more videos from me. I promise, they're not all art journaling. 


Thanks for stopping by! It means so very much to me. I love to hear what you have to say.

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