Honey Do List Jewelry for April

There was a real chance that I wasn't going to participate in this month's Honey Do List Challenge from SJ Designs Jewelry. I found the image that Eric, Sarajo's husband, provided as inspiration quite striking. The combination of colors pulled at my heartstrings. However, I was having a hard time trying to figure out some way to translate the photo into jewelry. In the end, I went for a literal approach. 
Upcycling cookie tins into jewelry has most definitely become my go-to technique for challenges lately. While that makes me a bit predictable, I can't complain. I am loving the results and the variety of ways I'm pushing myself to use the tin. 

I have to admit that while I'm currently wearing this necklace, it's got so many flaws that it will likely just stay in my personal collection. 
First off, I forgot to seal the Vintaj Patina that I applied to the basic silver tone rectangle of tin. And, then, I didn't seal the darkened patina on the back. One of my glass seed beads was smashed while I riveted the white tin boat to the back plate. And, then there's the chain. I love it, but as I worked with the headpins, the gunmetal coating began to flake off, revealing the copper wire underneath. How disappointing. Sigh. 

Despite all the flaws, I really do love what I was able to come up with for this challenge. I'm smitten with the incorporation of the bead and wire branch into the tin stack. And, the colors match the inspiration photo so well. 
The 3D-ness of the pendant is just yummy! I seriously wanted the beautiful lilac buds to hang in front of the white origami boat just as it does in the picture. I made it happen! Pushing myself really does work to help me come up with creative solutions. 

While I struggled with some of the flaws in the pendant, I worked on a pair of earrings so I knew I would have at least one completed design.
I focused in on the colors in the photo and simply grabbed beads that matched well. 

To incorporate the patina color of the oars in the inspiration, I brushed a touch of verdigris Vintaj Patina onto the bead caps.

These earrings seriously just fell together. And, I think they're pretty sweet. Perfect for Spring.

Thanks so much to Sarajo and Eric for another beautiful inspiration. Make sure to head over to SJ Designs Jewelry to see her Honey Do List reveal as well as hop through any of the other designers participating in the challenge. 


  1. Beautiful designs. I love the green and purple together for spring.

  2. Oh my goodness, Hope... That pendant you made is so fabulous! I love, love, love what you did with the tin and the twisted wire with seed bead flowers was genius. I know you see flaws, but I see perfection! Your earrings are sweet and capture the colors of Eric's photo so well. Thanks for playing along with us... it's always so fun to see what you come up with! Check back May 1st to see what Eric has in store for us next month. I'm guessing it may be something from our recent trip to Georgia.

    1. Sarajo, Thank you so much! I'm not usually so very literal with a challenge, but the image was too pretty not to try to replicate. I did consider doing something with that first image too. Ha!! I had a great time with this one and am looking forward to what y'all have up your sleeves next! :) Thanks for another inspiring and fun challenge.

  3. I'm with Sarajo; I would never see those "flaws". The necklace is just darling. The earrings are wonderful too.

    1. Ann, Thank you. You are too sweet. And yes, some of the flaws are minuscule. But, I know they're there, and it would make me uncomfortable to try to sell the necklace with the flaws. Instead, I'm happy to keep it for myself instead. I won't complain ;) I appreciate your kind words so much. Thanks, again.


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