DIY Earring Cards for Lever Back Earrings

As I've already shared my method for creating earring backers/cards for fish hook ear wires, I thought it only right that I also share my easy method for making earring cards for lever-back earrings too. 

These are a little more tricky as you have to work with the fact that these are a continuous loop that opens and closes. While there are several methods, the one that works best for me involves punching two holes for each earring. I created a video for you to watch how to make your own Lever-back Earring Cards.

Simply put, I first use a normal-sized hole punch to make a hole in the thin cardboard (upcycled from cereal and cracker boxes). Just above that hole, I punch another one with a small hole punch. Then, I open the lever on the ear wires and slip them on the cards. Easy Peasy!

Again, the cardboard is just recycled from kitchen items. I cover it with old dictionary text and a whitewash of acrylic paint.

You could go in any direction with the decoration of the cardboard since it's such a basic surface. Have fun with it! I hope I've helped you see how simple displaying and packaging your earrings can be. And, don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.


  1. Such a simple fix. The earrings fit perfectly!

  2. Thank you for providing such a simple solution to a tricky issue

  3. Thank you for providing a simple solution to a tricky issue

    1. You are very welcome! It took me a while to figure this out. I thought it only right that I share it! :)

  4. Great! I recently made a pair of earrings with kidney wires, and this should also work for those. Thank you.


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