Thrifty Thursday (January Thrift Scores)

I love finding a good deal. Whether those deals are in thrift stores, at garage sales, or even on the clearance shelves at local stores, I'm all about "saving money." I went ahead and stored up the purchases I made this past month to share with you in a single post. This is that post!

This all began with a garage sale down the street from our house. Pat and I decided to stop in real quick. While he didn't find anything he needed, I was able to snatch up a few things.

The first thing that caught my attention was, of course, a tin.
As I snatched it up,  I noticed it had some heft.

On further examination, I was surprised to find an array of art supplies.
Oh boy!

At home, I discovered that it was mostly Liquitex and Speedball acrylic paints, a few watercolor paint tubes, and some old (but still good) oil pastels.

In addition, there was a smattering of some miscellanea.

Also at the garage sale, there were a few piles of other craft-related materials, but one stack caught my attention the most.
I spotted beads!

It's obviously not anything I need, but I got both the tin, these items, and two embroidery hoops for $4. That's a real deal!

Later in the month, I went to Ladies Night at Southern Antiques and Accents. While everything is 10% off on Ladies' Night, I found some crystals that were 50% off!
I have to admit that I didn't realize they were reduced until I got to check-out. Ha! Total score.

Finally, Hobby Lobby marked down some of their Tim Holtz and art supplies. I had seen the talk about this clearance all over the internet, so I made sure to jump on it.
I'd been wanting some of the Maribou art crayons for some time, and I can't go wrong with the Tim Holtz stuff. Hopefully, you can still find these deals at your local store too.

To give you an even better look at these thrifty scores, I, of course, recorded a video.

I have a good laugh in the video when I get confused about some of the garage sale materials.

So, how about you, found any good deals lately?


  1. The crystals look really great and the tin is beautiful. I hope you enjoy playing with your supplies

    1. Divya, Aren't those crystals great? I already have a nice collection of chandelier crystals, and I was just going to pick up those little ones, but the uniqueness of the long ones kept pulling at me to get them. I was so relieved to find out that they were reduced to half price! I'm already enjoying with most of these already! Thanks!

  2. Great scores! Art supplies can be particularly expensive. I have tons of the octagon shaped crystals from an old chandelier in our last house. I took it apart and kept all its goodies but have yet to do something with them!

  3. Oh, YUM! We used to get Whitman Samplers when we were kids. And continued as adults! Never saw that fab tin though. I haven't really gone out hunting for stuff while here at Sis's, but I do look around the house and in garage for unused tools, photo props, etc., AND I've been able to use some of my Jewelry Making tools in my Leatherwork :) ...

    1. Whitman Samplers are still around, but I just don't see decorative tins like this of them anymore! Oh, exploring someone else's stuff if fun too. And, you don't have to spend ANY money - super thrifty!! ;)


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